• Poster 14 [Musashino Kotobukiya]
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Poster 14 [Musashino Kotobukiya]
Release Dec/03/2007
Last Modified Jul/18/2008
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Poster is a collection of A4-sized paper poster date in clear BMP format for printing. Posters are based off of the posters seen at Comiket (Comic Market).

Includes a total of 28 pages (two versions of each -- one with the title logo and one without) of 14 productions from el sol (2001) to Shima Yume (Striped Dream).

Size: 30 cm by 21.5 cm (A4-sized)
Resolution: 300 dpi (2539 x 3543 pixels) with some images at 1693 x 2362 pixels.

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