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The "T*ihou experience"


[3D Audio Effect] My Secretary's Ear Cleaning
Die Brust
$1.97 / 220JPY
An Az*r Lane parody ear-cleaning audio work. A yandere lady cleans your ears and lies down with you but...? CV: Ryou Suzuki
HealingBinauralASMREar CleaningYandereTwin Tail
  • Release: Mar/12/2019
  • Purchased: 91x

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It was surprising to see a AL parody of the famous yandere shipgirl.

The work consist of two tracks, ear cleaning and sleeping together while T*ihou gives you her full attention and affection.

The experience of having T*ihou clear my ears was enjoyable...and SCARY! Really scary. I actually got the chills when she went yandere mode, well this is T*ihou we are talking about.

If you are a AL fan, I recommend this work, as the voice acting and roleplay is really accurate and well done.

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A Cafe that heals the body and soul


Loved it!
Auditory Cafe NEKOROBI
Shirokuma no Yome
$8.87 / 990JPY
Over six hours of lengthy audio recorded in a heightened sound quality.
HealingBinauralASMREar Cleaning
  • Release: Jan/01/2019
  • Purchased: 173x
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The idea of healing salon courses being offered as a menu in a cafe was quite interesting.

Starting as a new customer you are welcomed by the young freshly-appointed third generation female shopkeeper Suzune.
Her beautiful voice and clear enjoyment of working in the cafe makes the experience really pleasant(the quality and detail of the voice acting never ceases to amaze me).
At first it seems like there is no story, but there are subtle hints of time passing as you visit.
During the various quite enjoyable courses you progress from newbie to a regular and it seems that you visit quite often, as Suzune slowly changes her way of addressing you(just ask her out already, geez).

A sequel with more courses and maybe some romantic development in the future would be great!

Listening to this is work was really great and relaxing, I highly recommend it!
Also don't forget to pick up the free trial course as well.

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