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Tank Battle game with lots potential


Loved it!
GunBarre-l 1st
$6.00 / 660JPY
Customize tanks and characters. Then fight with other tanks!
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGComike91
  • Release: Feb/12/2017
  • Purchased: 4x
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On first glance I thought it's a classic arcade shooting tank game but there are different aspect in this game. If you like tanks and cute anime character you should try this game!

Things I like in this game:
+ Energy system that make you have to play with tactic (take enemy one by one on tight spot, lure them and make them get damaged by friendly fire or barrel explosion)
+ Cute character and tank models and they are customisable
+ Various weapons and tank part with their pro and cons (My favourite is the twin barrel machine gun with tracked wheel, i find the mecha turret turn rate too fast for me for making accurate shot)

Things I like to suggest to developer:
+ Add more game mode (Multiplayer or Single player with AI): story mode, deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, challenge mode, soccer, boss battle
+ Add upgrade tank stats and equipment
+ More tank types, customization options for character and tanks, more challenging AI or difficulty select
+ Bigger map, more objects to destroy, traps like land mine, more map theme (dessert, snow, tundra, etc), mud can slow down your vehicle (terrain effect) certain tank track type can negate this effect
+ Power up on map that you can pickup
+ Multiplayer
+ Achievement and unlockable (with hints how to unlock them), example: defeat stage 2-1 to unlock weapon B, kill 100 tanks to unlock accesorry C, defeat boss X to unlock secret tank preset, game mode etc
+ Tank and character save preset feature so player
+ Description on tank part (pro and cons like bigger damage but higher energy consumption)
+ Add voice acting (selectable)
+ English language support

Thank you very much aodama-tei for making such great game, I have high hope to see the next version or series of this game.

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