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Girlish Fighter


Girlish Fighter
Ex Fish Meat Village
$17.65 / 1,944JPY
This is a boxing girl raising simulator!! Punch down rivals to the glorious champion road!
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Oct/25/2018
  • Purchased: 9x

This game is pretty nice. You are able to jump into a small world of all-female boxers and you get to choose between three girls at the start. Not only are you able to do the usual leveling of your parameters, the other girls level up at their pace too. This system really is mostly not great because they tend to grow faster than you (except the lower ranks). Aside from gameplay, it is 90% in Japanese so you will have a really hard time understanding what to do in detail. It is easy enough to start playing regardless, but if you want to get strong or have any chance of tackling the game in its' entirety you must learn what is what and experience the trial and error as we usually do in untranslated games :) .

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