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Highly recommend


Loved it!
Walking with Sound of the Bells
Tomimi Retreat
$2.94 / 324JPY
Presenting relaxing moments with Ten's ear cleaning. (CVs: Renge Toudou / Sakura Kohinata)
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingShrine MaidenEar CleaningAnimal EarsTail
  • Release: Feb/22/2018
  • Purchased: 84x
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A very fitting end to the seriese.
I'd definitely suggest listening to the previous works in the series for better understanding of the development of their relationship.
The voice work by Renge is stellar. She has a range of different characters and roles, but her voice work as Ten, I believe is the best one; it makes it effortless for me to believe that I'm with an actual cute loli Japanese fox goddess next to me.
The ambient sounds and sound effects and amazing. At any moment there are at least 2 and up to 3 or 4 layers of sounds making the world more believable. It is very clever that they incorporate a bell to her design as an aural indicator of where she is and convey her movement especially while walking along with her.

I must say I am a little bit disappointed by the illustration this time, so I just open the one from the last one which I believe to be the best one.

To say the least, I thoroughly enjoy listening to all 4 installments. It impresses me every I listen to them; from the voice work, script, and the sound editing and mixing, I can tell that they have a lot of passion for their peojec and I'd like to supporr them in ways I can and hopefully with future works by them!

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