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Under-rated pure ASMR


Loved it!
nitive waves 03
$4.04 / 440JPY
A work of the sound, by the sound fetishist, for the sound fetishist. Lossless WAVE, 24bit, 1920000Hz sound quality. Ear cleaning, shampooing, ear massage etc. in 6 tracks/1 hour
BinauralASMREar Cleaning
  • Release: Jul/27/2018
  • Purchased: 6x

This is pure ASMR sounds, no voice.

Recorded fully binaural, and more like a wordless roleplay, it's a session of:

Cicada noises, Shampooing, Toweling, Hairdryer, Ear Massage (not licking), Ear Cleaning.

All of those are in excellent quality, and in a full real environment, with sounds happening all around the listener, and moving around between the ears a lot as well as happening to both ears when applicable. Only the very last track has a clear left/right split.

Super-relaxing, well tuned, and with enough variety to not get boring or predictable.

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pleasant and relaxing even mix of voice and soft asmr


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
The Little Town Spa Now Offers Little Hand Massages
Soft Cat Town
$2.52 $5.0550% OFF / 275JPY550JPY
This sweet girl offers various treatments at the local spa.
MoeHealingEar CleaningHeartwarmingLoli
  • Release: Aug/02/2016
  • Purchased: 14x
  • (6)

This is a good mix of mostly dry rubbing and patting sounds, with constant narration. She uses a fairly young voice but never gets too loud or excited with it, despite incorporating some spirited roleplay. (The last file might get a little too loud though.) Story-wise things stay simple and clean.

There's two editions of the recording in here, one with the original voice set, and one with the voice redone to be more "soft".

Technically the recording quality is very good, even though the asmr sounds are a little subdued. It should be noted though that this contains no mp3 files, it's all wav, so if you need mp3s you'll need to convert them yourself.

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binaural asmr grab bag


Kiss the Brain
$4.04 / 440JPY
Female Voiced ASMR, Sound Fetish. A healing audio work collection with scripts included. Total audio playback time: 1:10:41
HealingASMREar Cleaning
  • Release: Jan/30/2017
  • Purchased: 6x

Here's what to expect here:

1. (12m) Outdoors walking sounds, nicely clacky, with some calm but intense wind.
2. (15m) Gum chewing, with a few moments of additional sounds, but mostly that.
3. (13m) Fizzing/hissing/frying.
4. (3m) Cracker chewing.
5. (8m) Ear massage, has some tapping, but mostly fuzzy muted rubbing.
6. (17m) Fireplace sounds with a calm deep female voice reading slowly. This is the only one with significant voice involvement.

All of them are recorded in perfectly fine quality, and, unlike much other ASMR on here, the binaural aspect actually moves the sounds around quite a bit.

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excellent ASMR with some good diversity


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
[Bone Conduction] Feel BubMe in Uemi's Candy! [Heartbeat Reflexology]
$2.52 $5.0550% OFF / 275JPY550JPY
Let's fawn on your little mama in this binaurally recorded bone conduction voice drama! "Heartbeat Reflexology" player is added as a bonus content. (CV: Ruu Aoyagi)
HealingLovey Dovey/Sweet LoveSlice of Life/Daily LivingGirl
  • Release: Dec/28/2017
  • Purchased: 16x
  • (5)

This piece divides into three parts, each preceeded by a minute or so of talking, with two of those voice elements easily deleted by being separate tracks.

The first third is almost entirely marble clacking noises with a tiny bit of talk here and there. The second is partly clacking, and mostly brushing noises, also interspersed with some talk. The last half is heart beat noises with her voice muffled while she counts the beats for half an hour.

These are all recorded with extremely high audio quality, and even if not all of it is for you, it's worth picking up if either the clacking or the heart beat/counting sounds interesting.

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a little flawed, but still pleasant


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Whisper House - Slumber Headquarters - Tsukito
$5.05 $10.1050% OFF / 550JPY1,100JPY
Tsukihito sings and whispers you to a dream world. Plus a lengthy non-whisper outtake!
  • Release: Dec/25/2014
  • Purchased: 23x
  • (8)

Content-wise it's what the title says: Whispering, only that. A little bit of soft singing too. Has both a short segment of an adult woman voice, and longer one a young girl. There's a little involvement of binaural, but mostly the voice is one side, and you can choose from the files which side.

This is marred by extremely high-pitched "young" voice segments that are mixed way too loud in segment 1, and at the start of segment 3. (Recommend editing out with mp3directcut.)

Tech-wise: Not recorded with a high quality microphone, there is a pervasive background noise hiss.

Overall still acceptable though not exactly 10$ of acceptable.

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good performance, but questionable technical quality


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Soothing Girl: sayuki
Butterfly Dream
$1.51 $3.0350% OFF / 165JPY330JPY
An innocent ear cleaning and shoulder massage by the girl you like.
HealingASMREar CleaningSlice of Life/Daily LivingHeartwarmingLoli
  • Release: Dec/10/2016
  • Purchased: 147x
  • (35)

Performance-wise, very calm, quiet, cute character. A little on the talkative side. Does simple ear-cleaning (though pretty aggressive), then massage patting and cloth rubbing, followed by 20 minutes of quiet breathing with some talking.

Listened to it via my phone, so i cannot guarantee that there wasn't part of the processing chain going haywire, however this is my criticism of this:

It sounded like this was recorded with badly tuned equipment that generated a lot of noise, and the noise then removed in post, resulting in distinct sound artifacts. Made this very distracting to listen to and not relaxing at all.

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solid relaxation with a surprise in the middle


Loved it!
Together With Byaku
Tomimi Retreat
$3.03 / 330JPY
Waiting for Ten at the shrine together with Byaku, in slowly passing peaceful mood. (CV: Renge Toudou / Sakura Kohinata)
HealingEar CleaningShrine MaidenAnimal Ears
  • Release: Aug/22/2017
  • Purchased: 107x
  • (40)

This is the usual solid Tomimi Retreat work.

A full soundscape of slightly understated sounds of ambience and direct ASMR. Waterfall, birds, night insects, ear cleaning, towel brushing, bubble frizzing and tapping/soft hit sounds.

And as usual, this is accompanied by an almost non-stop voice performance, with calm and quiet talk, breathing sounds, close up whispering. With Byaku's older, less excited voice, this is a bit more relaxing than the usual works.

Possible spoiler:

Notable though is that in track 8 Ten shows up and gets upset, quiet loud and a little abusive towards Byaku. If you're intending to listen to this for relaxation it's a good idea to cut that track out.

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beautiful and professional, and wants to break your heart


Loved it!
Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Kitty Cat Hearth
$10.10 $20.2050% OFF / 1,100JPY2,200JPY
An anthropomorphic cat girl will warm your heart, body and soul. (CV: Natsumi Takamori)
HealingBinauralEar CleaningLovey Dovey/Sweet LoveNekomimi (Cat Ears)
  • Release: Apr/25/2017
  • Purchased: 35x
  • (9)

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