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Build your own gladiator in this open-world pixel RPG!


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Mad Princess: The Great Gladiators
$17.72 / 1,944JPY
A free scenario gladiator raising RPG
Inc. MusicComike93
  • Release: May/06/2018
  • Purchased: 4x

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Very good RPG that would please 8/16bit game fans


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Element Realm
$12.79 / 1,404JPY
A thousand years since the power of the spirits was lost... a kingmaker fantasy RPG!
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: May/09/2015
  • Purchased: 1x

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The game is really good. Solid gameplay, nostalgic old school graphics, engaging story, and several bonus features here and there. If it was translated to English, I would say it is good enough to go on Steam.

The story begins on a wandering swordsman who woke up in a cave. He seems to have some sort of amnesia. That's how the story starts. There's a focus on both the main character and also his allies as well. Sadly, can't say more or else it might become a spoiler.

This is a turn based rpg. It plays very similar to old school style rpgs. Sounds standard so far, but the twist comes outside of battles. The game has a huge system to customize your characters, including:
- Skill level up system: You can use special item to increase skill levels.
- Skill book system: you can remember 4 skill books and equip 1 of them to boost your current stats 'and' stat growth. Some skill books grant you unique skills too.
- Card system: Enemies drop cards which can either boost stats or grant special effects. You can even equip multiple cards of the same type if you want.
- Party Level system: Your party actually has a level too. Points earned here can be used to boost global stat modifiers that affect your whole party.
- Potential system: You can give your characters potential seeds to increase their stat potential by percentage instead of a flat value.
- Alchemy system: This is the item crafting system. You will require spirit shards, gold, and sometimes other equipment to craft better gear. Spirit shard drops are based on your element of attack that defeats enemies, rather than the enemies themselves. This is unique from most if not all rpgs I've played. In a way, this allows the player to make strategies on their play style for better ingredient farming.
- Achievement system: Bonus money or items for getting story, character, or bonus achievements. There are 9 pages of it.
- Secrets: Many hidden passages.

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