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Good. Looks more like watercolor up close.


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
2D Medieval Fantasy Character Pack
Game Material Store
$9.50 $19.0150% OFF / 1,045JPY2,090JPY
30x characters in 2893x4092 high resolution in PNG and PSD file format! For your creation of games, comics and web pages etc.!
  • Release: Apr/20/2018
  • Purchased: 12x
  • (3)

I thought these were good. I didn't anticipate the style to be as watercolor as it is, but it's more apparent when close up. The files are separated into separate .png files and .psd files. The files are quite large and require being downloaded into one folder and using the DLsite installer to unwrap them into one location. It's easy to do if you follow the instructions. Again, these are not cel shaded, but the watercolor painting smooths out when resized to a smaller image.

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Castle Interior / Exterior and Rural Areas


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Fantasy" part03
$15.01 $30.0250% OFF / 1,650JPY3,300JPY
This is a set of 18 background materials+variations of small kingdom towns, ruins, markets, docks, etc.
  • Release: Nov/14/2016
  • Purchased: 86x
  • (15)

This pack contains renders of morning, sunset, and night at standard and HD resolutions. The pack includes interior and exterior castle shots as well as rural areas and scenes typical of adventure games. I note that some scenes seem more modern than others:

1) a castle basement with trolley
2) a coliseum
3) a war room with blackboard (or cafeteria)
4) an outside ruins destroyed by an earthquake
5) a market
6) a castle alley
7) an outside castle road and watch / defense tower
8) interior castle ruins
9) a cave entrance
10) a weapon / item / armor shop
11) a Gothic worship shrine
12) a port with and without a large ship
13) a ship deck
14) a rural village with a well and a small guard entrance
15) some forest huts in the trees
16) a rural mountain village
17) a side of a mountain cliff with walking path
18) a Gothic throne room

Overall, this is a nice addition to Fantasy Backgrounds 1 and 2 by Minikle.

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Desert Border Castle With Lake And Veldt


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Fantasy" part01
$17.51 $35.0350% OFF / 1,925JPY3,850JPY
This is a set of 13 background materials of idyllic European fantasy towns, buildings.
  • Release: Aug/10/2015
  • Purchased: 85x
  • (15)

This pack contains morning, sunset, and night renders with standard and HD resolutions. The location borders between a lake with grasslands in the back and a desert in the front. It includes:

1) kingdom homes and interior street (X2)
2) a boardwalk and port
3) a church interior
4) castle park / garden
5) a castle hall with an Anubis
6) a desert castle closeup
7) pub interior
8) inn lobby
9) inn room
10) kingdom street with businesses
11) kingdom alley
12) external shot of entire kingdom

The renders are good, but the higher the resolution, the sharper the line quality is, so I subtracted one star. Some backgrounds look less painterly and more like architectural drawings.

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Nice Castle / Kingdom Interior Backgrounds


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Fantasy" part02
$15.01 $30.0250% OFF / 1,650JPY3,300JPY
This is a set of 17 background materials of grandiose castle interiors and courtyards.
  • Release: Nov/14/2016
  • Purchased: 88x
  • (14)

This pack contains morning, sunset, and night renders including:

1) a balcony with a mountain view
2) a courtyard
3) a sun room / greenhouse with carnivorous plants
4) a fortress rooftop with cannons
5) a guest bedroom / study
6) a church / shrine interior with stained glass windows
7) a theater room
8) a workplace / alchemy room
9) a throne room
10) a ballroom
11) castle / royal hallways (x2)
12) a gazebo / outside sitting area
13) a small dining room
14) a front castle exterior
15) student desks / library
16) and a science lab

Standard and HD resolutions are included. Some backgrounds appear like they have higher polygon counts than others. The castle is large and well furnished.

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useful sprites for your game


Minor Character Materials - 10 Girls & Boys in Winter School Blazers
$8.00 / 880JPY
Copyright-free character material which can be used for comics, games, etc.
  • Release: Sep/01/2013
  • Purchased: 13x
  • (4)

This pack contains ten male sprites and ten female sprites. The sprites are rendered out in 9 different sizes. The psd files are also included, but if you don't have Photoshop, you may need to do extra editing.

The sprites are good quality. There is one male sprite where the perspective on the left shoulder looks off to me, but you can preview the images before purchase because the png files delivered appear the same as in the sample images.

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Nice 3D rendered backgrounds


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Daily Life" part13
$10.00 $20.0150% OFF / 1,100JPY2,200JPY
10 + variant backgrounds. Stylish condos, interiors and exteriors, hallway and lobby.
  • Release: Nov/19/2016
  • Purchased: 43x
  • (12)

Some backgrounds include day, night, afternoon, and dusk renders. The internal hallway for the apartments just has one render.

The outside render of the entire apartment building has renders with and without caution tape.

There are 10 unique backgrounds including the apartment building from outside, the apartment building hallway, a dining room with sitting area, a gender-neutral bedroom, a living room with TV, a bedroom with desk, an apartment hallway (inside the apartment), an entryway, a girl's bedroom, and a woman's bedroom.

The overall quality is good.

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Nice backgrounds for visual novels or manga


Til Feb. 3, 2 p.m. (JST)
Murakumo Copyright-Free CGs 01 - Neighborhood
$7.00 $14.0150% OFF / 770JPY1,540JPY
Excellent high-detail background art. BMP / 1280x960 / See details
  • Release: Feb/11/2013
  • Purchased: 27x
  • (4)

This package has 8 unique backgrounds. It contains a suburban crosswalk, a bakery store front (outside), a river running through the city, a fruit stand, a park / playground, a hospital with parking lot, a coffee shop / bakery (interior), and a shopping street with a hill in the background.

The files are delivered as .bmps and have day, night, raining, and dusk renders.

The overall quality is good. Some outside shots may look a little overexposed, but this could be adjusted with basic editing.

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3 male characters


Male Pose Art Materials vol.1
$8.00 / 880JPY
Posed character artwork for free use in your games, etc.
  • Release: Sep/24/2013
  • Purchased: 41x
  • (9)

This product was originally released on Sep/24/2013, but was updated on Aug/19/2015. At first, I thought it was one character with three poses, but they are separate characters and each have their own .psd file. The clothing can be removed and each have their own accessories. The files are designed for Photoshop, so if you use a different editing program, some effects may not come through. For example, clothing patterns may extend outside of their bounding boxes when not using Photoshop, but you can still edit it. This is a good accompaniment to other products within the same circle.

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1 male character, 2 female characters, and a sword


Supporting Character Pose Art Materials vol.1
$3.00 / 330JPY
Posed character artwork for free use in your games, etc. Female and male "mob"/side characters.
  • Release: Sep/02/2015
  • Purchased: 31x
  • (8)

This product contains four separate .psd files. There are one male character, two female characters, and a sword file. The female which shows the full profile has several outfits, but the other female has one dress that can be customized a little bit. The male character has one outfit, but items can be removed. You can adjust the hues to get different colors.

All characters have a few different hair styles, mouths, and eyebrows to choose from and this allows you to change the expressions. Only the female with full profile has a complete nude option, but the other female can remove all clothing.

If you don't have Photoshop on your computer, you can open the files, but some plug-ins might not work. For example, I noticed that the bounding box doesn't work on the man's shorts, so additional minor editing could be necessary depending on your editing program.

It's a nice change of style from other character art.

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Hiqh-quality music tracks for your projects


Copyright-free BGM FULL Collection Vol.8
$45.04 / 4,950JPY
Original music materials for free use in games and other media. 30 BGM tracks.
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Nov/07/2015
  • Purchased: 10x
  • (3)

This collection includes 30 different tracks from Kannazuki's volumes 22-24. The collection could be most easily utilized with the RPG genre.

Some of the tracks are typical of JRPG battles and boss fights. Others may remind you of walking around on a 2D-rpg game map.

The ambience ranges in the collection, featuring mostly action and suspense tracks, but there are also a few sad, upbeat, inspirational, and spooky tracks.

Different instruments including strings, piano, and other synthesizers are used.

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