Compliance Policy


Compliance Policy

We are an enterprise which ethically conducts its business in full consideration of and compliance with the laws, ordinances and moral conventions which govern our society. Furthermore, we uphold ethical initiatives which strive to maintain above all else the long-term trust and stability of our customers, content providers, and business operations.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct embodies and exemplifies the principles of our Compliance Policy, and pledges that we as individuals and as a company shall operate to the best of ability in accordance with them.

The details stated in the following are not based on any particular standards of a central ethics organization, and are internally regulated to the best of ability in accordance with our Compliance Policy; content so regulated does not guarantee its approval, as in the case of certain of our products.

Further, the judgment of socially unacceptable content is not restricted to this Code.
(Sex-related special business (type: image delivery) notification - reception No. 10094, issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)

About Age Specifications

For all works that are available on DLsite, we offer three categories: All Ages, R-15, and Adults. Each category has a corresponding label/mark indicating the targeted age group. Please refer to the following guidelines:

[All Ages] No restrictions
[R-15] Restricted to ages 15 and older
(Possible content) Sexual imagery: mild sexual expressions, exposed breasts or buttocks (general).
Other imagery: mild violent scenes or expressions, thoughts, hidden messages.
[Adults] Restricted to ages 18 and older
(Possible content) Sexual imagery: graphic sexual expressions, depiction of genitals (explicit), penetration (explicit), etc.
Other imagery: explicit violent scenes or expressions, thoughts, hidden messages.

About Product Registration

Before a product can be sold, DLsite requires that the product operates as intended, mosaic censorship is adequate, and the contents do not violate the legal definition of public decency.

About Mosaic Censorship

DLsite is administrated and provided from its office in Japan. Therefore, service and use of this site is governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese laws.
To comply with the laws, all adult products on DLsite are and need to be censored accordingly in their full version.

Product Policy

In line with our Japanese compliance policy, DLsite English strictly reviews the following:

Works which...

  • Are considered obscene (under Japanese law).
  • Contain the uncensored depiction of genitalia.
  • Contain uncensored depictions representing the sexualization of 'conjugation.'
  • Contain sexual expressionism in an inappropriately warped way.
  • Unduly praise and promote antisocial behavior.
  • Contain cultist, cult-like religious or overly political expressions.
  • Attempt to force ideological tenets on the viewer.
  • Contain expressions of unreasonable discrimination. (Such as but not limited to, race, beliefs, occupation, gender, religion, etc.)
  • Unjustly discriminate against socially disadvantaged people.
  • Contain expressions intended to degrade other people, groups or organizations. (Such as but not limited to libel, slander or calumny.)
  • Contain depictions of extreme and disturbing violence.
  • Contain depictions of unnecessarily cruel scenes which exaggerate the extremity and / or are likely to cause copycat behavior.
  • Contain expressions of sexually explicit content involving what can only be considered babies, infants, children, toddlers, etc.
    - This may be indicated or implied in the contents, sample image(s), or product details of the Product Details page; or by reasonable consensus that the depictions are of prepubescent characters. Altered photographic or photorealistic images which resemble a real child, etc. are strictly banned.
    - There are cases where certain expressions, accessories, clothing, etc. that are strongly associated with minors (and the commercialization of underage sex) will be restricted.

Please note that we deal with a wide range of contents, and introduced above are only the most common examples (not a comprehensive list).

DLsite does not support or endorse illegal behavior. Including, but not limited to, non-consensual sex, unwilling or forced sex, and abuse, rape, or sex involving minors. Any products on this website containing sexual content are works of pure fiction. They contain only sexual fantasies which have been fabricated by creators.