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Winter Sweepstake 2013

As a year-end event to thank all of our customers, we are running the campaign "Winter Sweepstake 2013"!
Winter Sweepstake 2013

NEW! DLsite Girls' Side!!

We are glad to introduce our new page for all yaoi / boys' love / otome genre fans!
DLsite Girls' Side

Giantess Girls 1
$12.10 (1,260 JPY)
Looking up, you'll see blue... underwear!? The manga magazine for size fetishists!

Loli Santa on Xmas Eve
Okina Kodomo no Omochabako
$7.06 (735 JPY)
Alone on the holy night before Christmas, the guy was visited by a cute santa's helper who will give him any one present.

New Year Goodies: R*pe & Sex Training Four (4) Title Pack!
Kurita Sora
$10.08 (1,050 JPY)
An adult goodie bag for the holiday! * Limited time sale * 4 girls, 4 stories. 35 CGs (490 total)

Grow Up!
H Ambience
$9.07 (945 JPY)
Every year, young boys Shouki and Subaru meet up and compare penis sizes.

The Nightingale's Song
$13.11 (1,365 JPY)
To protect himself he had one rule: never make friends. No matter the loneliness.

The Bishonen Bondage Diaries Side Stories 5 - Anal F*ck
$6.05 (630 JPY)
Sadistic art teacher x sex trained schoolboy story. Side Stories / 36 pages

Fille Guerre 2
$15.12 (1,575 JPY)
A mini loli RPG. Explore the near future wold where there are only little girls.

Futanari Ninjas of the Sechuka Clan
Zigzag Company
$7.06 (735 JPY)
The big breasts, big dicks and big balls of futanari kunoichi.

Molester Track: Her Very First Ride
$12.10 (1,260 JPY)
Corner and molest your target on the train! This time it's a rich girl who's never used public transport.

The Karate Club Girl
Ribons nights
$6.05 (630 JPY)
Unforgivable guys lust after a beautiful yet talented female martial artist named Matsuyama.

There's Something Up There
$3.02 (315 JPY)
A country young girl encounters UFOs on her way home from school.

LSM 7 ~ Little Show Models 7 DL
$6.05 (630 JPY)
Girls who know about sex get into it super hot!

My Little Sister Can't Be A Full Body Tattooed Porn Star Throwing Double Peace Signs
Kyoki na Shiunten
$1.00 (105 JPY)
My little sister can't be a full body tattooed porn star rocking double peace signs with a slutty grin.

KanMusu Set - KanC*lle H Collection
$3.02 (315 JPY)
Kant*i C*llection girl HCGs. Full color 11 total works.

F*cked Mom F*cks Back... Double Win!
AKYS Honpo
$7.06 (735 JPY)
Mom takes an unusual tactic with a r*pist. At some it turns into an incest f*ck!

Poop and Fart Fetish Sketches 3
$12.10 (1,260 JPY)
Farting and scatology themed fetish artwork.

Mesu Shiri Ingoku - The Glory Hole of Darkness
High kinzoku
$7.06 (735 JPY)
Girls are stuck halfway between worlds, literally.

Saeko Sensei
$5.04 (525 JPY)
Hand drawn illustrations.

Mine for a day, on our last day.
Doujin Circle Itit
$6.05 (630 JPY)
There is another that you love, more than her.

The Brutally Gaped A-Hole of Imouto!
Biidoro Stuff
$9.07 (945 JPY)
Both parents are away on vacation. Nobody to stop oniichan from opening her tight puckered anus.

The Pleasure Device 2 -Displayed Girls-
$5.04 (525 JPY)
Girls are ravished to bliss in sex training contraptions of a huge lab.

The Devil's Castle Is Perverse!
$7.06 (735 JPY)
Paraphilia love ecchi between Chi-chan and Mao-san.

Decimal 8.01
Hachigatsu Tsuitachi
$3.02 (315 JPY)
Original girl illustrations. Mainly school swimwear (sukumizu) and nude.

Sheedalin Dangerous Shot
$6.05 (630 JPY)
The girl from the sky falls into a perverted homeless man's shanty. 30 pages.

Violated Voices
Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise
$4.03 (420 JPY)
Gasping, groaning girls suffering from all kinds of torture. . .
Voices of broken girls for you to enjoy to your heart’s content.

MAGO beit 03
$5.04 (525 JPY)
Playfully combining "MAGO" (granddaughter) and "arubeito" (part time work), this is an all-new delivery service for the elderly...

BITCH QUEST SIDE STORY - The Legend of Daisy
$6.05 (630 JPY)
"We'll refresh you good sir!" Ready for Daisy's puff puffs?

Date:2013-03-27 DL:1

L*li School Life (L*li Gakkou Seikatsu)
$20.17 (2,100 JPY)
"What if you could be small again?" Koji relives his boyhood in an X-rated way thanks to a lewd goddess.

Date:2013-03-29 DL:11

Flipsy Miniskirts.
Mix Station
$8.06 (840 JPY)
On the theme of pretty girls in very short skirts that can't cover everywhere at once.

Date:2012-12-07 DL:1

Assault Hell 3 - Amy's Shame Carnival
Studio Nunchuck
$6.05 (630 JPY)
Amy is gangbanged in the aftermath of a pirate attack by Lukkage's crew, followed by Bellows.

Date:2013-09-19 DL:4

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