Necessary Tools

Extraction Tools

All works available on DLsite are compressed in "ZIP" format to reduce the size.
Therefore, you need to extract the downloaded file first. Tools to extract files in these formats are freely
available from many software companies or individual programmers; DLsite recommends the following tool.

For Windows

1. Download the extraction tool

Download Lhasa

Access the following download link, and save the file
to a location where it is easy to recognize such as the desktop.

Created by: Mr. Yoshihito Takemura
Download Lhasa ]

2. Install the extraction tool

  1. Right-click lhasa020(.exe) on the location you chose for setup and choose "Run as administrator".

    When the Security Warning window appears, click on run.
    If User Account Control prompts for confirmation, please give consent to start installation.

    Image: Installer

  2. Do not change the Installation Directory. Make sure the checkbox is ticked for "Create Desktop Shortcut" and start installation. When installation is complete, you will be prompted to start Lhasa. Click OK.

  3. Choose "Desktop" for where to extract the file.
    Make sure the checkboxes are ticked for "Generate folder", and "Open folder".
    Click on the ".zip" button. The button becomes blue when selected. Then click OK.

    Image: Choose Desktop

  4. Now the installation is finished.

3. Extract the file

Double-click the downloaded file to extract it to a new folder on the desktop.
If the file does not respond by double-clicking, right-click on the file, then select "Extract".

  • * If you do not find "Extract", select "Open With", then select "Choose Program".
    A popup box appears and asks you how you want to open the file. Select LHASA from the list, then check "Always use the selected program to open this type of file." Click OK.
  • * Alternatively, after you have successfully installed Lhasa, Lhasa's icon (yellow/light blue) should appear on your desktop.
    You can extract the file by drag-and-drop onto the Lhasa desktop shortcut icon.
  • * You may be able to view the contents in the compressed file; however, they may not be displayed correctly. Please be sure to extract the file when viewing the contents.

For Mac

The Unarchiver (Mac)

When the installation is complete, you can extract the file by drag-and-drop onto the The Unarchiver's icon.

[ Download The Unarchiver ]

How to View Doujinshi (Indie Comics)

"Doujinshi" (indie comics) are usually available in PDF format on DLsite.
To view these files, Adobe Reader must be installed in your PC.

Download Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader

Access the following download link (a new window pops up) to install the program.
After installation, the files in PDF format can be opened simply by double-clicking it.

[ Download Adobe Reader ]

How to View Copy-Controlled Products

Some items on DLsite are copy-controlled.
According to the product category, you need to install special viewers (for free) to view them.
For more details about necessary viewers and software, please refer to the following page.

About Special Viewer ]

Other Tools

Some products may require special software.
Please take note of descriptions or notices under Product Details for each product page.

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