Legal Statement based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Seller DLsite
Representative Manager Mr. Kousaku Akashi  (EISYS, Inc.)
Location 3F. Odakyu Kanda Iwamotocho bld., 2-4-10, Iwamotocho Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0032 Japan
Telephone Number 81-3-5829-4613 (FAX: 81-3-5829-4614)
Sales price Sales price is indicated in each product details page in Japanese Yen including consumption tax (a form of value-added tax in Japan)
* All payments on DLsite will be in Japanese Yen; the charge to your credit card may be converted into your local country's currency.
Required fees other than product charges International transaction fee may occur depending on your card issuing company.
Delivery Download, streaming, browser viewing
Time of Delivery Immediately
Time of Payment Instant online transaction by credit card (charge will be deducted at a later date specified by the card issuing company)
Method of Payment Credit card and electronic money
Due date for payment 2 weeks
Cancellation Returning a product is not available due to the digital nature of our products. Cancellation is accepted when the product is defective.
Cancellation Policy (for Defective Products)
  1. Charges will be cancelled upon investigation when the product is not viewable by download, streaming, or browser viewing.
  2. Charge will be cancelled when the product is confirmed as defective in general terms.
  3. Any problems encountered due to the user's environment shall be solved with the creator/maker.
Period for Cancellation Requests for cancellation must be made within 10 days from the date of purchase.
Delivery Cost of Return The user will pay any shipping fee (correspondence fee) for return or cancellation of the product.
Service after the Sales The creator/maker shall offer the support for contents of the product and its operation.
Other Conditions for Sale In principle, we do not ship any products by mail, etc. We offer download, streaming, browser viewing services only.
Security The information you send is secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.
(DLsite is authenticated by GlobalSign K.K.)
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