About Imagine

About Imagine

To view VR products that are marked Imagine, you need to have an account on DLsite and install special client software, Imagine (both for free).

About the company ImagineVR

ImagineVR is a company based in California, USA, and an online digital content distribution platform specializing in VR contents. In collaboration with ImagineVR, DLsite offers broad support from app development to worldwide marketing of VR contents.

Necessary Software

To view VR products that are marked Imagine, you need to have installed Imagine, a free special client software.
Click the download button below to download the software. Double-click the downloaded file "imagine-setup(.exe)" to install the software.

Software Download Description


imagine-setup.exe (1.52MB)

  • * The client software for managing VR products that are marked Imagine. Only this software can be used to download and view Imagine products.
  • * When executing this software, you need to log in with your DLsite member account information.

Operational Requirements for Imagine

The following operating environment is required to use Imagine.

OS Platforms
  • Windows 7 (32/64-bit version)
  • Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit version)
  • Windows 10 (32/64-bit version)
Others Internet connection
  • * The above specifications are limited to Imagine. Depending on your PC environment, method of the usage and the product, other limitations may also apply. Please make sure to check the operational requirements for each product prior to the purchase.
  • * As Microsoft has ended support for Windows Vista, our support for this OS has ended as well. While software may continue to run without any issues, DLsite does not offer any support for operation in the environments that support has been ceased for.

How to Use

1. Install Imagine

Please download and install Imagine from [ Necessary Software ] above.

Download Imagine

2. Start Imagine

Start Imagine and a log in window will display. Select "Login with your DLsite account".

Login Imagine

3. Imagine authentication

Your browser will open and display DLsite's account authentication page.
Click "Log In" to proceed to the use permission information page. Select the "Approve" button.

Imagine Account Authentication

4. Authentication complete

The "Authentication Complete" page will display and Imagine will show the product that you purchased.

Authentication Complete

5. How to view the product

Select the product on Imagine and click the [ Install ] button at the top right of the window. After installation, the button will change into a [ Start ] button. Click to start viewing the item.

Browsing on Imagine


  • You need to have a DLsite account to authenticate your purchases.
  • An active Internet connection is required at the time of authentication.
  • Downloading and viewing of the products takes place on Imagine. You cannot download the products from DLsite.
  • You need a VR device such as Oculus Rift to view products designed for VR devices only. For more details, please refer to [ What is VR? ].

Operation When Using Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes, security-related software such as avast! or Norton Internet Security may prevent you from performing the authentication. If this is the case, please try authenticating the products with your security-related software temporarily turned off, or after manually setting exceptions for the products.

Imagine FAQ

If you have questions about the use of Imagine, please refer to its developer page, [ ImagineVR ].

[ ImagineVR support page ]