Payments by Electronic money

Accepted electronic money

DLsite accepts the following electronic money transfer agents: PayPal and BitCash. (BitCash is only accepted for the purchase of points)

  • In their use policy, PayPal prohibits all their account holders from buying or selling sexually oriented digital goods, including downloadable pictures or videos, subscriptions to websites, or other content delivered through a digital medium.
    DLsite follows this rule, and Payment by PayPal is available as a payment option only for works intended for all ages. Thank you for your understanding.
  • BitCash payment is available only for the purchase of points. For more details, please refer to [ About Points ].

How to make payment by PayPal

If your cart contains an item intended for adults, you cannot choose PayPal as your payment method.

How to make payment

  1. In your cart

    Please log in as member and click the [ PayPal ] button.

  2. Preview your order

    Make sure the items and total charge are correct.
    After confirmation, proceed to checkout. (Your phone number will be required when you select PayPal.)

  3. How to checkout

    Please process your checkout following the instructions on the external webpage.

  4. (Completion)

    When the payment is confirmed, click on the [ Back to Shop Page ] button to download the product files.

  5. Download

    A list of purchased items will be shown. View the items by download or browser streaming.

    About redownloading

    If you fail to download or when an upgraded version is released, you can redownload products you have purchased freely from the [ Download History / Redownload ] menu in My Page.
    (Except when the sale of a product is discontinued upon a circle's request.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Other frequently asked questions related to the payment can be found on our Help page.
If you need any assistance, please check [ About Product Purchase / Payment ] on our Help page.

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