About User Authorization

For information about the viewer, please refer to [ About Special Viewer ].

About User Authorization

Products which require user authorization have features to prevent unauthorized redistribution.
When viewing these products, make sure you are connected to the Internet and perform the authentication by entering the required information.

Please take note that you cannot view products which require user authentication on Mac.

Authorization and Viewing

No special software is necessary other than the product file. Download the product file(s) and run the application (.exe).
Authentication is required only the first time you view a product. (When you double-click the product file, the following window will appear.)
Please enter your DLsite login ID and password. If you choose to save your login ID and password, they will no longer be requested when you view the product.

User Authentication


Products which require user authorization have the following limitations to prevent unauthorized redistribution.

  • They are viewable only on the PC in which you authenticated the file(s).
  • The files are not viewable via Remote Desktop or virtual operating environments such as Virtual PC.
  • The files are not viewable on Windows OS that is installed on virtual PC software (VMware, crossover, etc.).

Operation When Using Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes, anti-virus software such as avast! or Norton Internet Security may falsely recognize the software as a virus and prevent you from downloading or browsing the file(s). If this is the case, please try downloading or browsing the file(s) with your anti-virus software temporarily turned off, or manually set allowances for the software.

Especially when you are using free anti-virus software such as avast!, AVG, ANTIVIR and COMODO, please confirm the normal operation of the software prior to making a purchase.


If you have problems in viewing the product, please check [ Notice ] and try the following.

  • You cannot view the product if the product file is compressed.
  • Restart your OS and try again.
  • On Windows OS, you may need to execute the file with administrator privileges.
    Try starting the necessary software and the product file by right-clicking on the icon to choose "Run as administrator".

If you get an error...

Please check if the error message/code you received is included in the list of [ User Authorization ] on the Help page.

If the above does not solve the problem, please describe the error message or displayed screen details and [ Contact Us ] for assistance.
You can copy the entire error message by holding the [CTRL] key and pressing the [C] key when the window is focused (displayed on top of other windows).