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If you do not find any results for your search, please make sure of the following points.

  • Are you in the relevant section of DLsite?

    Sale places on DLsite English are divided according to the age ratings of the products.
    Make sure you are in the right place.

    Sale places Store for...
    For all ages DLsite English Doujin/indie comics, games and software.
    For adults DLsite English R18 Doujin/indie comics, games and software.
    * Including products for adults
  • Did you check typos/phrase length?

    A single mistyped letter may affect your search results. If you entered long words, shorten them and try again. If you don't know the entire proper name, use partial words and everything that matches those first few letters will be displayed.

    Example) DLsite -> DLsite

  • Too many search conditions?

    Too many criteria for the search conditions may produce fewer (or no) results. Limit your criteria and try again.

    Example) Fantasy Comedy Elf Glasses -> Fantasy Comedy

  • Have you tried searching by Genre?

    There are many predetermined words under the Genre option on the [ Advanced Search ] page.
    Try searching for your desired work using the predetermined keywords under the Genre option. Entering similar words and synonyms may not show the desired results.