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Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
$8.36 $16.7350% OFF / 918JPY1,836JPY
Lovey dovey, oh so cute, lesbian twee hilarity!
Inc. VoiceInc. Music
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Nov/04/2010
  • Purchased: 51x
  • (12)
etwas bitter
$2.95 / 324JPY
Maria gets drunk and excessively happy, Tsubasa shrinks away from her. Symph*gear lesbian erotica.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Jan/23/2015
  • Purchased: 7x
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
Maki-chan's Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
$2.95 $5.9050% OFF / 324JPY648JPY
Things get... moist... for Maki and Nontan when the idol Research Club aircon breaks down.
UniformIdolSchoolYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Jan/31/2016
  • Purchased: 7x
Imouto Oneesama
Atelier Nekomori
$4.92 / 540JPY
A yuri comic book. The school's idol Okada Rika has some kind of strange relationship with her young sister.
SchoolRomanceYuri/Girls LoveRomanceRomanceLesbian
  • Release: Dec/28/2005
  • Purchased: 5x
Ryousai Material!
$0.98 / 108JPY
S*ki captain x captain yuri coupling in the leadup to graduation season.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: May/15/2011
  • Purchased: 5x
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
Forest Dungeon (MasDanjin -Maou to Hirin Meiro-)
$7.38 $14.7650% OFF / 810JPY1,620JPY
A demon and hero sealed in an alternate universe inhabited by magical beings must work together to break free.
Inc. Music3DCGTrial
GirlSFYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Oct/14/2012
  • Purchased: 5x
Yuritto Yama GIRL
$1.96 / 216JPY
A perky, slightly wild girl who was bad at sticking to things went hiking for the first time her senior crush -- also a girl.
GirlComedyHeartwarmingYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Feb/06/2013
  • Purchased: 5x
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
I'd Like To Be Kissed
Full Speed Rider
$0.98 $1.9650% OFF / 108JPY216JPY
A Puella M*gi Mad*ka Magica lesbian story. (Mad*ka x Sayaka kissy kiss)
AnimeRomanceYuri/Girls LoveRomanceRomanceLesbian
  • Release: Jul/15/2011
  • Purchased: 3x
Sword of the Dimacreation - Side story The Hunt of Rabbit
Ingadou Type-I.G.
$11.81 / 1,296JPY
1st side story of Sword of the Dimacreation, focusing on a pretty character appeared in the game, Mitsuru.
Inc. Music
  • Release: Sep/25/2006
  • Purchased: 2x
$1.96 / 216JPY
The story of a beautiful, talented young girl and an awkward adult...
GirlIdolYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Oct/23/2011
  • Purchased: 2x
$11.81 / 1,296JPY
Suwano Miyako released her second work, a sweet love story of junior high school students.
LoliUniformSwimwearSchoolYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Apr/30/2007
  • Purchased: 1x
Hyakka Ryouran
$7.87 / 864JPY
Work on the theme of girls' love.
GirlHeartwarmingYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Feb/22/2009
  • Purchased: 1x
More than the best friend but rejected as a girlfriend
$5.90 / 648JPY
A story about Eira and Sanya.
GirlHilariousComedyYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Nov/13/2009
  • Purchased: 1x
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
Ai mai me
$1.47 $2.9550% OFF / 162JPY324JPY
Madoka and Homura both in glasses (megane). Heartwarming 4-panel comics & manga.
  • Release: Jun/24/2011
  • Purchased: 1x
LxL Watashi to. Kimi no Te no Naka.
$4.92 / 540JPY
One day while coming home, Shio sees Maoko "at work".
RomanceDrama/Daily LivingYuri/Girls LoveRomanceRomanceLesbian
  • Release: Oct/04/2011
  • Purchased: 1x
$3.93 / 432JPY
Seeing the intimate side her coworker and best friend Kyoko, Hana blurts out a personal confession.
Office WorkerYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Dec/07/2011
  • Purchased: 1x
Three Lesbian Like!
Fountain Plaza
$0.98 / 108JPY
"If I get a higher test score than you 3 times in a row, you have to go out with me."
MoeGirlUniformYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Nov/01/2013
  • Purchased: 1x
Who Do I Really Love
Paradise Lost
$7.87 / 864JPY
Mikoto x Kuroko from A Certain Scient*fic Railg*n as roommates.
MoeYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Dec/28/2014
  • Purchased: 1x
Dancing Kengou
Marine Corps
$3.93 / 432JPY
Shikomasa comedy for all ages
PDF IncludedComike90
Female Heroine OnlyEpic/HistoricalLesbianLong HairTanned Skin/Suntan
  • Release: Dec/28/2016
  • Purchased: 1x
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
Phoo no Ichizoku - Fan Book
love lesbian
$2.46 $4.9250% OFF / 270JPY540JPY
A doujinshi of Phoo no ***izoku, portraying the young girls living in a house together. You would like it even if you have never read the original comic.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Sep/11/2005
Jigoku Shimai
Princess Project
$5.90 / 648JPY
Hello! Did you call me? A hentai parody work of characters from Ma**a sama ga **teiru, and Ji**ku Shoujo.
GirlUniformYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: May/18/2006
Psycho Magic "Angelism" Calendar A - French version
$9.84 / 1,080JPY
A collaboration calendar produced by Hooh Swim and Enchantement, for year 2007.
PersonificationAnimalizeFantasyYaoiLesbianNekomimi (Cat Ears)Animal Ears
  • Release: Jan/24/2007
Tasting Blood (for all ages)
$12.79 / 1,404JPY
A mysterious horror tale. My mother, my only immediate family, was killed. I swore to myself to revenge on the man killed my mother.
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Apr/23/2007
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
Atelier Ariko / Kuroarikan
$2.46 $4.9250% OFF / 270JPY540JPY
A heartwarming 4 panel gag comic.
CrossdressHilariousBoys LoveYuri/Girls LovePregnancy/ImpregnationLesbian
  • Release: Sep/13/2008
Til Feb. 4, noon (JST)
Chatani Yasura's Peaceful Comic Story
$5.90 $11.8150% OFF / 648JPY1,296JPY
Third volume of the wafuwafu series.
Inc. VoiceTrial
MaidSchoolHilariousComedyYuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Apr/15/2009
Set of Yuki Nag*to
Blood oxygen
$4.92 / 540JPY
Set of comics and illustrations mainly on Yuki.
UniformHilariousLesbianSMSexual TrainingNekomimi (Cat Ears)
  • Release: Apr/24/2009
Between God and Dog
Jellyfish party
$3.93 / 432JPY
A book about Kamui, Konoha and Inuwaka sisters from Arc*na Heart.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Apr/30/2009
Heart Blooming
Himawari Sisters
$6.89 / 756JPY
Nearly all characters from S*ki in a hilarious, serious, and actually kind of lesbish yuri comic.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Mar/02/2011
$5.90 / 648JPY
This is the story of two girls' love. Kanori and Ruka.
Yuri/Girls LoveLesbian
  • Release: Dec/12/2011
A Scary Magical Girl Story
Merumeto no Yakata
$0.98 / 108JPY
Mashup parody of Puella M*gi and Gakk*u de atta K*wai Hanashi (Scary School Story).
  • Release: Jan/17/2012