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  • Title:
    Hipnotic Sleeping SRI0000013404
  • Age ratings:
    All ages

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Hypnotic Sleeping -under one umbrella-
Mofumofu Club
$5.72 / 648JPY
A relaxing sleep aid suitable for all ages, both genders. CV: Kaya Mikami
Inc. VoiceTrialComike90
HealingHypnotic VoiceHypnosis
  • Release: Sep/23/2016
  • Purchased: 4x
Hipnotic Mermaid -sleeping beauty in the deep sea-
Mofumofu Club
$7.63 / 864JPY
On a sunny autumn > winter day, a mysterious girl takes to the depths of the ocean. "The warmth of the sea, does not change, regardless of the season." (CV: Kaya Mikami)
Inc. VoiceTrialComike91
HealingHypnotic VoiceGirl
  • Release: Feb/23/2017