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    "sirokumanoyome+" SRI0000009209
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Mimibon Ver 2! * With Binaural Whisper Ear Cleaning
Shirokuma no Yome
$4.93 / 540JPY
Let's dive deep into the world of the ear. HOURS of tingly whispers, ear cleaning, objects, attention in stereo. CV: Ayaka Igasaki
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingBinauralASMREar Cleaning
  • Release: Nov/02/2015
  • Purchased: 84x
  • (36)
Naptime Cafe "Sirokuma no Sippo"
Shirokuma no Yome
$8.87 / 972JPY
Ear cleaning, massage, falling asleep, licking... soothing audio! Over 4 hours, 3 voice actresses
Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
WholesomeHealingKimono/Japanese ClothesEar Cleaning
  • Release: Apr/17/2015
  • Purchased: 83x
  • (29)