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Fantasy Millennium Vol. 1
Belly's mark
$3.80 / 432JPY
The Cavalry of Molmo*th doujinshi. This is the first manga I drew so it's not perfect, but it has a lot of spirit. It's the humorous story of a young commander and a cavalry.
Shrine MaidenCrossdressHilariousFantasy
  • Release: Jan/10/2008
Fantasy Millennium Vol. 2
Belly's mark
$3.80 / 432JPY
This "The Cavalry of Molmo*th" doujinshi is made up of multiple stories including a main story about a shrine maiden and a knight as well as side stories about other characters.
Shrine MaidenHilariousFantasy
  • Release: Jan/11/2008
Fantasy Millennium Vol. 3
Belly's mark
$3.80 / 432JPY
This is a doujinshi of The Cavalry of Molmo*th which has a main story centered around the two special priests
  • Release: Jan/12/2008
Fantasy Millennium Vol. 4
Belly's mark
$2.85 / 324JPY
'In this episode, Samurai finds himself alone with the glamorous Ninja. Lust and wild illusions cause his member to become erect, and he desperately tries to maintain reason.
  • Release: Jan/22/2008
Fantasy Millennium Vol.5
Belly's mark
$2.85 / 324JPY
This episode features an archer. In story mode he's related to a royal and killed by the last boss, but he plays a much more interesting role here!
  • Release: Feb/08/2008
Fantasy Milleniam Vol. 6
Belly's mark
$4.76 / 540JPY
Mole *arth's doujinshi. The featured characters are cosplaying with costumes of So*l Calibur, T*ctics Ogre, etc.
  • Release: Jun/02/2008