Interview: MIST[PSI]PRESS (December 2015)

This month our interview features the cricle MIST[PSI]PRESS. Since the release of the English version of "Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-" in 2012, the circle has never cease to attract new audience. When you are new to the Hatoful Boyfriend series, the premise to date pigeons sounds very bizzare or even ridiculous, but no, it is just fantastic; just try it now! And, for many of you who are already fans of Hatoful Boyfriend series, we hope this interview offers a greater enjoyment of the game!

Thank you so much for this interview! To start things off, could you please introduce yourself to the users, especially to our users outside of Japan?

I'm Hato Moa, the original creator of the pigeon dating sim "Hatoful Boyfriend". I'm also a freelance manga artist, scriptwriter etc.

How did you find about

I'm sorry but I'm not sure... Maybe a banner ad on website or an article in kinda magazine.

How did you come up with your Circle's name, MIST[ψ]PRESS (On the English page, MIST[PSI]PRESS) ?

First of all, I wanted to add " ψ " into the name. (It looks like a foot-print of a pigeon, huh?)
The rest is almost just a pun to make something mysterious and ambiguous.

Your Hatoful Boyfriend series is a big hit. To what do you attribute your success?

Honestly, it's hard to answer because I'm not sure about it. Perhaps they have less "crazy" VN games and that made Hatoful Boyfriend remarkable and outstanding. But the most important fact is that Nazerine's translation was so awesome.

Your profile shows that you have customers in several different countries. Was international marketing part of your original plan or did the market for your products just come naturally? Was there a specific trigger that expanded your appeal?

Well, I made my debut as a manga artist in French publisher when I was a university student. Then started to work with developers in US after that. I'm totally a freelance creator. So I can accept any commissions no matter where they are.

The humor in your Hatoful Boyfriend series has universal appeal. The reviews show that everybody can relate to the humor regardless of their own background; many users comment about how much they love the jokes. How did you develop your skills to reach such a broad audience?

As I mentioned, Hatoful Boyfriend owes the popularity to Nazerine, the translator's great works so much. Text lines are the most important in VN games you know. She is so good at localizing jokes. Some of jokes in this game are entirely transformed in English version.

From where do you draw your greatest inspiration to create your products?

Having a good time watching shows/films, reading books, playing games, taking a walk etc.

What is the most important consideration when you are developing your products? What element is the most important to you?

To complete them and release anyway. (It's too simple but a serious problem for me since I lost good health two years ago!)

What tools or software do you use when you are creating your products?

Originally, Hatoful Boyfriend was created on FamousWriter. But it's too ancient now to run on modern OS. I'm using AirNovel instead these days.

How do you enjoy spending your time when you are not working? Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

Playing games (especially RPG), watching drama (US has so many amazing crime drama!), reading books (especially non-fiction biology books) etc.

Who is your favorite artist/creator and what are your favorite products?

Undertale by Toby Fox is the best game of 2015 for me! It's incredibly fabulous one. I hope JP version will be officially released one day.

Could you please tell us about the products you are working on now for a future release?

I'm working on "Queen's Lingerie Show", a yaoi VN created with Damu who did back ground artworks of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star. We'll release it in the near future.
Also, my personal project "Black Holmes", a G-rated crime procedural VN is work in progress. It seems it needs a bit more time to release. Thank you for your patience.

What aspect of attracts you the most?

We can access and purchase doujin artworks easily with iPhone!

You have been so very successful in this field. Do you have any advice for new developers to help inspire them?

If this question is about an indie, doujin creators, then just do it as you like! You don't have to concern about critics at all. I'd love to see something only YOU can create.

Thank you again for speaking with us!

You haven't played Hatoful Boyfriend series yet? Then check them out now!
Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-

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