Simple, fun colorful action!

Title Okkotos
Circle Easy Game Station
Genre Doujin Game Action Executable File with Voice with Music 3D artwork with Trial Version
Price : 864 JPY Points : 3% (30 points)

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Simple, fun colorful action!

Two young girls take up arms to smack down
monsters on a floating continent. The journey begins!


An action game by Easy Game Station

Midi the imperial skyknight builds and builds and builds
her gauge and ...... dadada!!!! dashes into enemies

Fiore the hunter apprentice's winning move is keen perception,
when her gauge is full her attack ability changes

Choose between these two spry heroes, dispatch enemies
from the floating continent (map) and proceed to the next stage
where you'll dispatch MORE enemies and proceed to the NEXT stage
where you'll dispatch EVEN MORE... you get the picture!
It's engrossing, addictive gameplay that will make swallow hours.
That early turtle guy beat me so many times...... he was tough.

You can double-kill enemies for double points! String together kill combos!
Going for a high score is literally endless fun for me, I could play forever
just trying to do that, but there's so much more:

Arcade mode serves up 30 total stages with diverse enemies,
Survival mode drops you in a random stage and ramps up the challenge,
Time attack mode is self-explanatory, and there's online 2-player coop!!!
The demo is packed with playable features.
Please, you gotta check it out!

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