5 levels of evolution! Original sidescroller shooter!

Variable Chaser VALCHASE
Title Variable Chaser VALCHASE
Circle studioRAY
Genre Doujin Game Shooter Executable File with Music with Trial Version
Price : 756 JPY Points : 3% (30 points)

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5 levels of evolution! Original sidescroller shooter!

Conglomerates struggle against each other to gain the right to develop the outer space.
Valchase, the latest model of chaser, flies a mission to get back the stolen classified information.

studioRAY's original transforming spacecraft shooter arrives!
It's called Variable Chaser VALCHASE.

Unleash 5 weapons x 3 upgrades each!
You'll feel great blasting enemies to pieces as pilot of
an awesome ship that evolves as you progress.

Boasting 10 total stages, this modern R-Type has action aplenty to sate the hungry gamer,
with 5 levels of difficulty from EASY to MANIAC perfect for beginners to hardcore veterans.

It's more than a sidescroller - levels pitch vertical and diagonal, really keeping you on your toes!

It's also more than a mindless shooter - featuring production data, space-age world building and even a story.

There's a playable demo so definitely give it a go!
It's easy to get amped in just a few minutes. You'll see!

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