Ultra robot action! Take down massive bosses with a tiny mech and a ton o' guns

Genre Doujin Game Action Executable File with Music with Trial Version
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Ultra robot action! Take down massive bosses with a tiny mech and a ton o' guns

In the late 21st century galactic civilization is on the brink of collapsing into chaos.
Large-scale crime is rampant, wars burn on various fronts across the planets.
The rise of an armed force the police can't oppose and the militaries can't outmaneuver present a dilemma.
Meanwhile, there's a secret protective organization called Argo Transport.
Disguised as a shipping vessel, the mothership dispatches pilots on rescue missions and emergency calls.

These are the missions of one pilot and his small MCR-class mech, "Gemini".

STEEL STRIDER is a weapon-packed future shooter from ASTRO PORT.
As "Gemini", you get to wield every sort of firearm from handgun to beam sword,
blaze into certain death situations and come out victorious.
At the end of each stage you'll face a ginormous boss.
Your ultimate goal is liberate the planet Talia from the "Dark Hell Company" and restore peace.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a total beginner, STEEL STRIDER has got you covered: the save option,
retries and adjustable difficulty make the game friendly to all skill levels.

Awesome J-shooting intensity on an indie scale.
If this sounds like your thing, give the free demo a play and go from there!

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