Column: A walkthrough guide of Part 2

A walkthrough guide of

This time, we would like to present mascot characters! We sometimes receive questions or requests about them, and we thought it might be a good idea to present them all in one page. So here we go!
This is kind of a trivia challenge to test your knowledge about by counting how many of these characters you know :)

Character Introduction: Dille and Elle

Dille and Elle
Dille Dille Blood
Older of the two.
Also often represented in a super deformed style here and there on
Her trademark is a braid (or a ribbon) that she always wears for her long hair.
She seems to be a little awkward.
Elle Elle Sweet
Younger of the two.
Also often represented in a super deformed style here and there on
Her trademark is a strand of hair that stands straight up.
It seems she is troubled over her small breasts and has jealous eyes towards Dille.(!?)
Illustrated by refeia from the circle q-orbit Website
Where to find? English G-rated / Maniax [ Wallpaper ]

Character Introduction: Mifuyu

Mifuyu Mifuyu Hayashizaki
A mysterious girl who is often armed (with guns, swords, etc).
Her name is decided by votes from DLsite English members through
[ Godfather Campaign ], run from July 20th to August 31st 2011.
Illustrated by Umemaro from the circle Umemaro 3D Website
Where to find? English for Adults [ Wallpaper ]

Character Introduction: Premium

Premium Premium
At first, she appeared at as a character for the service called Premium 100 (offering unlimited download of 100 titles each month for special members at fixed price.), which is the origin of her name. The service terminated in 2007, but happily she remains to be the girl for DLsite Home!
She has been a blond-haired twintail girl, but since the renewal she changed her look;
now, she is a brunette in a pink costume with her hair up in buns!
Illustrated by MALINO from the circle Dejavu Website
Where to find? Home / Software / Comic [ Wallpaper ]

Character Introduction: Sara, Lala, Nana and Ziptan

Sara, Lala, Nana and Ziptan
Sara Sara
Age: 19   Height: 169   Measurements: B89 W59 H85
She was scouted to be the mascot girl on when she was in a summer kimono for a summer festival.
She is a cosplayer and has a very naive character.
She feels good a little bit when teased by Lala.
Named from: Lhasa
Lala Lala
Age: 15   Height: 153   Measurements: B77 W55 H81
She is younger sister of Sara. She feels great when teasing her sister.
Her hobby is to collect figures, puppets and yaoi games.
Named from: Sara, her sister
Nana Nana
Age: 17   Height: 162   Measurements: B83 W58 H82
She is naive yet curious about ecchi things. She looks diligent and a typical Incho (class president) girl.
She is a cousin to Sara and Lala, and in good terms with them both.
From jelousy, she has been accusing her cousins' showy costumes, and decided to join them at to change it.
Named from: 7z format
Ziptan Ziptan
Lala's puppet. He(?) has savage nature and often hits Sara; his arms are soft and supple, though.
Opening his zipper mouth will unzip a horrible thing...!?
He sometimes transforms into a (cross-dressed) boy.
Named from: Zip format
Illustrated by Haruka You from the circle YouthProject Website
Where to find? Professional / Books [ Wallpaper ]

Character Introduction: Gaku and Minato

Gaku and Minato
Gaku Gaku
A boy often with a sullen face.
He looks serious and diligent.
He is hiding that he is an otaku person.
Minato Minato
A naive and straightforward boy with full of energy.
He loves to practice sports. A "now style" boy.
Illustrated by Mishiru Sasaki (SD) / Mayo Kenmochi (Comic) Website
Where to find? Girl's Maniax / Girl's Maniax Pro [ 4-panel Strips (Japanese) ]

Character Introduction: DS-chan

DS-chan DS-chan
She has been the sole mascot character at from 2002 to 2004.
Usually she was in a maid outfit, but some costume variations were available.
She was replaced on stage on the occasion of the website renewal in January 2004.
Illustrated by Okahara Megu. from the circle Pastel White Website
Where to find? No longer on

Well, how many of these girls did you know?
See you in the next Part 3 column, where we hope to start talking about how to read information on the product details page. If you have questions or requests about this series, please don't hesitate to let us know through [ Opinion Box ] !

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