Lonely Yuri, the winning title of the first anniversary campaign!

In celebration of the first year anniversary since the creation of the G-rated English page and the website's renewal, DLsite.com ran the [ First Anniversary Campaign: we localize the winning title into English ] campaign from May 24th to June 24th 2012.

And now, we are glad to announce you that

the winning title Lonely Yuri by the circle Night-time Sheep is available in the English version!

What is more, this English version carries a brand-new beautiful CG image drawn by Sunao Minakata as the key visual,
added for this occasion!
Please enjoy this romantic girls' love story, choosen as a winner from more than 50,000 titles available on DLsite.com!!

Lonely Yuri [Night-time Sheep]
Title Lonely Yuri (Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri, lit. Girls love that cures loneliness)
Circle Night-time Sheep
Categories Doujin GameDigital Novel Executable File / Kirikiri
Option with MusicEnglish Version
Genre Highly atmospheric romance yuri game
Price : 1,050 JPY Points : 3% (31 points) → 5% (52 points)

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First with a kiss... the girl is etched in the protagonist's mind.

It was first year in high school. The budding of summer.
Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri.
Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart gradually opened...

Awkwardly, the two girls gave each other a hug, joined hands, and looked into their eyes.
They learned a comfort of being with and touching someone they love,
and wanted to know more about each other...


Fusa Konno Fusa Konno
A diligent high school student.
She can't say "no" to others' expectations and wants to change herself.
This time too, she was asked to bring some handouts to her classmate, Seri Aeba.
She often feels lonely, but tries to act tough.
Seri Aeba Seri Aeba
A free-spirited shut-in (hikikomori) girl.
She doesn't go to school and doesn't feel uneasy about it.
She is a moody person; she does whatever she likes and doesn't do whatever she dislikes.
She took a liking to Fusa at first sight.


ALonely Yuri [Night-time Sheep]: Event 1 (Wait a minute...?)
Come to think about it, that face in front of her is pretty close. She can't see much other than the eyes.
(Wha--what? Huh? Why am I--)
Her brain finally kicks into gear.
But it's quite too late now.
ALonely Yuri [Night-time Sheep]: Event 2 "...Heh."
"Hee hee, ha, ahahahaha!"

Fusa suddenly begins to laugh out loud. She has to support herself with her hands.
"Ahh... Look at that downcast look on your face, as if you regret it after all that... I just don't get it, haha, ahahaha! ...Hahh, you really are just like a cat."
ALonely Yuri [Night-time Sheep]: Event 3 Seri looks at her with a concerned expression.
A glint of worry appears in her catlike eyes.

Though she feels a little guilty about it, Fusa is comforted by that look. It's as if it scratches an itch deep within her heart. It's the sweet feeling of having someone who cares about her.

Seri's body is soft and warm and smells good. But her arms are very thin, and light, as if there's nothing inside of them.
ALonely Yuri [Night-time Sheep]: Event 4 "What a nice view."
She wants to drop the hem of her skirt, but Seri's eyes are fixed on it.
"Yes, keep that pose."

Suddenly she feels sweat all over her body. The surface of her skin is hot, and she feels an unusual sensation. Something is squeezing her throat. It's as if she's on the verge of sobbing, but she's not about to cry. When she breathes in her head goes fuzzy, and it seems to her she might fall over backwards.


Scenario porori
Illustration / CG Sunao Minakata [ Website ]
Character design Nanata [ Website ]
Production Night-time Sheep [ Product Page ]

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