G-rated Hits!

G-rated Hits!

DLsite is celebrating its all ages site renewal with a special feature for everyone!
Truly the meaning is "for all audiences", with contents from illustration to games.
You're cordially invited to browse and discover a vast number of great titles.

Beautiful girls, soothing wallpapers

Honey Drop
Honey Drop
Circle : Wings of Angel
SoftwareCG Collection HTML+Image
Price : 1,050 JPY
Points : 3% (31 points)

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These are lovely CGs and desktop images of cute young girls by Wings of Angel.
It's truly a beautiful collection, from the forms of character to the splendid scenery.
It evokes a special atmosphere. Other illustrations also inspire warm hearts.
Let yourself also appreciate their quality in 12 total parts.

Smiling bishoujo in the forest, sexy and evocative, desserts paradise,
a cute maid with a teeny drop of cream on her nose, walking through a
wonderland of flower petals, the graceful dancer... and more.

Photoshop (PSD) data is also included!
This is quite a get for collectors, in brilliantly high quality form.

Healing imagery!
Large and detailed!
Reference art!

We hope you'll enjoy the above three qualities as we have.


Honey Drop: Sample 1 Honey Drop: Sample 2 Honey Drop: Sample 3

Use me... to destroy them.

EFFY one of unreasonable -if-
EFFY one of unreasonable "if"
Circle : Project ICKX
GameShooter Executable File
Price : 1,365 JPY
Points : 3% (40 points)

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Project ICKX's amazing shooter finally comes to DLsite. (High five!)

Already sold in many locations in Japan, this quality indie title is a
favorite among STG fans, with many who know it and probably many who've
cleared it! I'm still on level 10...
Take control of future edge military weaponry as Navajo, test pilot of the
Advanced ICKX Institute's combat machine, the "Y1". It's a trifecta of system
smooth action - ACS, RCS and cool A.I. navigator "EFFY".

ACS is an explosive accelerator that reads enemy distance, working
in tandem with RCS, which is a gyroscopic angle technology - so you can
zero in behind an enemy plane in a dogfight that's chaotic, immersive,
but always easy to control. All the while EFFY is your charming onboard A.I.,
your personal tour guide to the skies. ( /^ v ^)/
That's right, a fully voiced cute female A.I. pilot!
Plus features like personal control over your engine nozzle!
Especially for an indie, it's got amazing graphics - camera work especially!

Definitely check out the free trial version!

If you've never played a 3D flight sim / shooter this truly one for all audiences.

One look expresses words that could fill a novel...

Dear Darling
Dear Darling
Circle : Kappa no Kawanagare
SoftwareCG Collection HTML+Image
Price : 840 JPY
Points : 3% (25 points)

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Enjoy the depth of myriad pleasant scenes. Each illustration tells a story,
and so much is communicated in the expressions of the girls we just have to recommend it.
Dear Darling finds that difficult to describe (irony!) balance of rich, story-like artwork
that is its own conversation without any intrusive speech or subtitles.
It's pure CG, deep and beautiful.
And yet it also includes making-of artwork and line art.
Enjoy the stories of the scenes AND the story of how each scene was created!


Dear Darling: Sample 1 Dear Darling: Sample 2 Dear Darling: Sample 3

How generous and daring you are in unreasonable conditions!

Circle : Project ICKX
GameShooter Executable File
Price : 525 JPY
Points : 3% (15 points)

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Haven't we gotten a bit too lax with game difficulty this generation!?
Circle SPRITE brings us back to harder times with XADLAK PLUS, a Famicom style
16-bit graphics shooter that'll cause old school gamers to weep with joy!!

Die! Die! Die!
That's your vocabulary when you take on insane waves of bullets.
Remember the sensation of entering the danger zone in a game, when you first
feel that hot cheek rush of blood, and dig in deep to shoot down everything
on screen? When you say ""Here we go!"" at the first death, galvanized
with righteous indignation at a game that dared to challenge your skills?

Not just a miserable slog! Enjoy Xadlak Plus in Normal and Easy mode!

SPRITE knows your love of gaming and hatred of cheap deaths too well.
That's why they included Yutori (Easy) mode. It's a shooter for shooter fans,
created by fans of the genre but not ignoring the evolved style.

Easy mode is already challanging! Everyone can have fun. And when you're ready...

Take on the hardcore fan within!! Can you beat Normal without using any continues!?

Super kawaii yuri-yuri comedy!

Circle : fuguriya
GameAdventure Executable File
Price : 1,785 JPY
Points : 3% (53 points)

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What's that sound? It's the sound of Fuguriya's joyous yuri love ADV!
Hanahira is a superbly cute game from the multi-talented artists who have helped to define the genre.
On DLsite, Fuguriya equals yuri, and vice versa. But enough hyperbole! Let's get to the plot!

Kaori Hamura is totally in love with classmate Amane Yuki!
If only she could say it. She's too meek to confess...
Then Amane innocently drops a bombshell when she says
"Kaori-chan, I'm your wife!"

Two girls' interwoven lives, loves and hilarious days. An ADV Love Comedy.

Art: Peko (Mayoi Neko Overrun!, Tamafuri Etude)
Scenario: Shinichiro Sano (Akiurara, Amakara Twins)
Voices (CV): Eri Kitamura, Yui Sakakibara


Hanahira!: Sample 1 Hanahira!: Sample 2 Hanahira!: Sample 3

Save the princess and solve the puzzles... for science.

Genius Scientist: Bioruru
Genius Scientist: Bioruru
Circle : Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
GamePuzzle Game Executable File
Price : 1,575 JPY
Points : 3% (47 points)

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Genius Scientist: Bioruru is a strange and peculiar original game.

There's so much to recommend! First of all, the premise is a physics-based puzzle game
starring the fictional illegitimate child of Hiraga Gennai, the Nikola Tesla of Japan.

No need to know science! Just logic and a love of fun.

The rumor is spreading that the princess has fallen sick.
All known medicine has failed to help her, something must be done!
Now's the chance for chibi scientist girl Bioruru to prove her
genius and do some good. Let the experiments begin!

The goal is simple. Guide the elements (color bubbles) into the beaker.
You'll have to spill, mix, contain and cascade from faucet to final creation.
Use the mouse to draw barriers and guide elements around.
When you mix two elements it creates a percolating reaction!

Easy to learn, addictive to play, and creative too!
If words aren't enough, check out the demo movie (website)!

This cute character deserves special praise.
She's with at all times, perky and ambitious, ready to take your combos.
Specially designed by renowned doujin artist Komatsuna-ya.
You could just watch her for entertainment!
Her actions truly make the game.


Genius Scientist: Bioruru: Sample 1 Genius Scientist: Bioruru: Sample 2 Genius Scientist: Bioruru: Sample 3

She dances across the desktop!!

Circle : QruQruDou
SoftwareUtility Tool Executable File
Price : 735 JPY
Points : 3% (22 points)

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Super deformed chibi kawaii Miku is... kawaiiiiii!
Fans of Miku H*tsune can spend time with V*caloid's turquoise haired mascot
as she adorns your monitor in (two types) big eyed and chibi sized forms!
She even sings and waves her leek, with accompanying MP3 and WAV audio.

QruQruDou offers a variety of desktop accessory idols,
be sure to check out the DLsite shop for more!

Sweet, magical, lovely cafe management simulation game!

Cafe Co., Muggy & Co.
Cafe Co., Muggy & Co.
Circle : in the air
GameSimulation Executable File
Price : 1,260 JPY
Points : 3% (37 points)

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Chocolat, Chu Chu and Marcie (Mallow) inherited Cafe Co., Muggy & Co from their parents.
But sales were poor, and the cafe lacked management.
Things must have been pretty dire for them to hire a magical talking cat!
"I can help you m-eow-nage your cafe," he offered with feline confidence.
Join the mysterious cat named Mr Mitarashi and three charming girls...
... and let's save the cafe with the best campaign ever!

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