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The World of Shiloh Gosse's Alice.
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
The white goth loli with the odd-colored eye. Heterochromia Alice.
GirlLoliUpper-class GirlGothic LolitaTiny BreastsDeadpan
  • Release: Jul/22/2012
Al Bino Gosse Lori
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Albino goth-loli illustrations, wallpapers, Twitter icons collection.
WholesomeGirlYandereGothic LolitaDeadpan
  • Release: Jun/20/2012
  • Purchased: 1x
China Girl Moon: Yue
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Illustrations of an original girl in Chinese attire.
MoeWholesomeChinese DressLong Hair
  • Release: Sep/01/2011
Girls Stationary Designs
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Original girls (goth loli, princess, shrine maiden, soldier, etc.) as ready-to-print A4 writing paper.
Shrine MaidenArmy UniformGothic LolitaLong Hair
  • Release: Aug/25/2011
Military Girl Rei
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Illustrations of an original girl in military attire.
WholesomeArmy UniformFantasyLong HairBrown Hair
  • Release: Aug/17/2011
Princess of Verdant Kingdom
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Her marriage has been arranged to the next kingdom's prince, but she'll do as she pleases.
MoeWholesomeUpper-class GirlFantasyBrown Hair
  • Release: Aug/10/2011
Twin Confrontation
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Illustrations, wallpaper and avatar icons of an albino gothic lolita and her twin.
WholesomeUpper-class GirlGothic LolitaLong HairBrunet Hair
  • Release: Aug/03/2011
Summer! Beach!
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
3 characters each enjoying summer vacation.
MoeNaturalSwimwearLong HairBrunet Hair
  • Release: Aug/01/2011
Silverhair Priestess
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
A Japanese culture shrine maiden with beautiful silver hair.
WholesomeNaturalShrine MaidenLong Hair
  • Release: Jul/25/2011
Albino Goth Loli
Benedictional Kanon
$1.00 / 108JPY
Original yandere gothic lolita illustrations.
WholesomeYandereGothic Lolita
  • Release: Jul/21/2011
Line Art + The Baton of Life and Gothic Death God
Benedictional Kanon
$2.00 / 216JPY
One bright summer day he met a gothic lolita. But she masked a deeper secret.
WholesomeGirlAngel/DemonGothic Lolita
  • Release: Jul/19/2011