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Felico Closed Room
$5.03 / 540JPY
Comedy BL manga themed on the soccer game Inazuma El*ven.
GirlsPDF Included
HilariousBoys Love
  • Release: Feb/08/2011
The Maidens Are Watching
Felico Closed Room
$7.04 / 756JPY
Hilarious slapstick love comedy set on campus.
UniformSchoolParallelYuri/Girls Love
  • Release: Feb/04/2011
Felico Closed Room
$5.03 / 540JPY
Eirin prescribes a special medicine for Meirin after she crashes through Rinnosuke's roof...
  • Release: Feb/02/2011
Welcome to Yagokoro Clinic
Felico Closed Room
$5.03 / 540JPY
Reimu, Youmu and Sanae are patients. Can Eirin solve each of their woes?
GirlWhite coat
  • Release: Jan/31/2011
You're So Tiny, Sanae!
Felico Closed Room
$5.03 / 540JPY
Chibi sized Sanae Kot*ya from Touhou. Tra la la!
  • Release: Jan/24/2011