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Witch of triplecanopy
Project ICKX
$11.98 / 1,296JPY
"A witch has come from the jungle." FULL VOICE original 3D flight shooting!
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGComike84
  • Release: Sep/13/2013
  • Purchased: 1x
Fatal Employee Training
Project ICKX
$17.98 / 1,944JPY
Up, up and away, Arisa! Introducing a slapstick 3D flight sim shooter unlike any other! + free DLC
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrialComike83
  • Release: Apr/25/2013
  • Purchased: 2x
EFFY one of unreasonable "if"
Project ICKX
$12.98 / 1,404JPY
Exciting, dramatic 3D flight action game! 13 stages, full voice, anaglyph 3D effects (requires red/blue glasses).
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrial
  • Release: Mar/06/2011
  • Purchased: 6x