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Midsummer Eel
Mori Kanda
$2.88 / 324JPY
The story of a girl who loved unagi, only to become an eel herself!
Elf/FairyPersonificationClumsy GirlAnimalizeFantasyHorror
  • Release: Oct/11/2011
Nuclear Ninja from Fukushima
Mori Kanda
$2.88 / 324JPY
Radioactivity is delicious! In a small mid-northern Japanese town, spirits transform into a dog, earthworm...
  • Release: Jul/14/2011
Terrifying Garbage Lady
Mori Kanda
$2.88 / 324JPY
Every day she leaves her trash - fish heads and guts! - in front of our door. I'm not a cat! What's more...
  • Release: Jul/12/2011
Working Girl Miss Yuruko (Language: English)
Mori Kanda
$2.88 / 324JPY
Yuruko is very lazy working girl. She began to work at the office.
  • Release: Apr/18/2011