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Beyond God Idol
Haruiro Fude Pen
$1.98 / 216JPY
A story about a sentimental little sister due to the absence of her elder sister.
PDF Included
  • Release: Jun/12/2017
A Fairytale of Sometime
Haruiro Fude Pen
$4.97 / 540JPY
Sympho's Shirabe and Kirika in a story before the 3rd season
  • Release: Dec/22/2016
Kiss Me Or Something
Haruiro Fude Pen
$4.97 / 540JPY
Shirabe-chan's singing fighting sexy manga (for all ages)
  • Release: Apr/11/2016
Memory Collection
Haruiro Fude Pen
$4.97 / 540JPY
Two short stories about the alchemy team
  • Release: Apr/09/2016
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