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Hold Supremacy ~The War of 47 Prefectures~
Flying Panjandrum
$39.23 / 4,320JPY
The war to be the strongest prefecture begins! Which one will hold supremacy over all others!?
Inc. MusicTrial
HotComedyMilitaryWarGekokujo (the lower rules the higher)Madness
  • Release: Nov/30/2018
WWII Hero Biographies: Otto Carius, Tigers in the Mud
Flying Panjandrum
$17.65 / 1,944JPY
4 levels of difficulty. 100 kinds of weaponry, vehicles and troops. A war sim based on the career of a real and living legend.
Inc. MusicTrial
HotArmy UniformMilitaryWar
  • Release: Dec/07/2013
Flying Panjandrum
$9.80 / 1,080JPY
This is an RPG that lets you wield 20th century weaponry and data as used by real world military powers.
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Feb/23/2013