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Soothing Time With Senpai 2: Dokidoki & Oyasumi
Arinco mart
$3.00 / 324JPY
A little bit (actually pretty) strongly soothing "senpai" relaxation. An otome audio work.
GirlsInc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Oct/27/2014
  • Purchased: 6x
Soothing Time With Senpai: Mimikaki & Oyasumi
Arinco mart
$2.00 / 216JPY
Get a little (actually quite strongly) soothed by a senior guy in the clubroom at your new school. (V: Syuuji Narumi)
GirlsInc. VoiceTrial
HealingASMRSenpaiSchoolEar CleaningRomanceRomanceRomance
  • Release: Aug/12/2014
  • Purchased: 12x
Commuter Kanojo - Mizuki
Arinco mart
$3.00 / 324JPY
Mizuki has a quickie on the train. Erotic audio + bonus sleeping voice. CV: Nyanko Guttari
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingDrama/Daily LivingHeartwarming
  • Release: Dec/03/2013
  • Purchased: 3x
Respect the Class Prez!!
Arinco mart
$7.01 / 756JPY
A voiced, perky teenage BL game! Help Yuki succeed in love and responsibility.
GirlsInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
UniformSchoolComedyHeartwarmingBoys Love
  • Release: Mar/27/2012