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The gospel with hamburg steak
Keijo OG
$4.97 / 540JPY
At a track and field time attack, Mizuho and other members at the dorm all come to cheer on Yurika. But then they start to worry about Yurika's body...
  • Release: Jul/11/2008
  • Purchased: 2x
Princess Hamburg
Keijo OG
$3.97 / 432JPY
A set of four-scene comics about OtoBoku characters.
  • Release: Jun/21/2007
Keijo OG
$5.96 / 648JPY
Doujinshi of Otoboku, describing what might happened after the ending of the original story.
  • Release: May/17/2007
The virgin loves a theif - The castle of Yukariostro.
Keijo OG
$3.97 / 432JPY
A set of four-scene comics, dedicated for all Oto-Boku fans.
  • Release: May/06/2007
  • Purchased: 1x