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Futoniku Kinpachi team
$0.99 / 108JPY
3 short manga based on King of F*ghters 12.
  • Release: Jun/07/2010
  • Purchased: 1x
Ga*o Densetsu Party - Hono no JOE Densetsu
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$6.96 / 756JPY
Ga** Densetsu doujinshi, feat. Joe *igashi and others. Created by Azuma Higashi. '96.
  • Release: Dec/14/2006
Chotto Bucchigiri Gekijo
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$5.96 / 648JPY
KOF fan comic feat. Asamiya A**na and others. Originally released in '03 August.
  • Release: Aug/26/2006
Kuroki Onen
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$6.96 / 756JPY
A Samurai S**rits hentai, originally released from Taniku Kinpachi team in '95.
  • Release: Aug/25/2006
Phyco Solder Jyogakuin
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$5.96 / 648JPY
KOF hentai, feat. Asamiya A**na, Hinako, Marin and others. Previously released in '04 Aug.
  • Release: Aug/18/2006
MD Spirits 2 Mega Drivers
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$7.95 / 864JPY
The days of MD comes back again! The story describes a story of MD in the old goody days....
  • Release: Sep/03/2005
Cho Kotteri 3 Sa**ra Wars
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$7.95 / 864JPY
3rd installment in the Cho Kotteri series produced by our circle. You will crack up if you have ever played Sa**ra Wars!!
  • Release: Aug/27/2005
Bucchigiri Psycho Soldier Gakuen Special
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$9.94 / 1,080JPY
A fan art of Asami*a Athena from K*F! The story is funny but so romantic!
  • Release: Aug/03/2005
Burning Spirits #3
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$7.95 / 864JPY
The final installment of the MD Spirits trilogy released in summer '99.
  • Release: Jul/19/2005
MD Spirits
Futoniku Kinpachi team
$4.97 / 540JPY
The days of MD comes back again! The story describes a story of MD, Apacchi Penta and his friends!
  • Release: Jul/14/2005