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Siesta Friends
Terorin Soft
$7.04 / 756JPY
SLAP & STICK with your favorite friends from the park! An outrageous 25 color / 33 total pages of humorous manga! [All Ages Oriented]
  • Release: May/19/2017
Nanoha Tekiji Kuukan
Terorin Soft
$7.04 / 756JPY
Massive PDF four-panel comics and color illustrations. 1113 pages.
  • Release: Oct/20/2010
Terorin Soft
$9.05 / 972JPY
Second fan comic of 8th Angel. A comic is also featured. This is a story of the second angel Melesse.
  • Release: Nov/23/2004
Terorin Soft
$6.03 / 648JPY
A fan comic of 8th Angel. Sera, Melesse, Seria, K*non, Senka, Tricia, Rin, and Lucifer.....all girls are so upbeat and positive.
  • Release: Nov/19/2004
Akayama Kanzen Bouei Kichi 2001 Natsu (Akayama Total Defense Force 2001 Summer)
Terorin Soft
$6.03 / 648JPY
Latest installment of Akayama Mangadoh, out in this summer. It contains Kikou Tenshi Sun*lfon.
  • Release: Nov/11/2004
  • Purchased: 1x
8th ANGEL 2000
Terorin Soft
$7.04 / 756JPY
PC game version of 8th Angel was out in '00. This is 3rd installment of the series.
  • Release: Nov/10/2004
MANUFACTURE DOLL - Akayama Toshifumi's Scatch Book
Terorin Soft
$5.03 / 540JPY
A set of rough drawings only, including text illustrations of Triple Maid Battle, and so on.
  • Release: Nov/09/2004