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Inori no Kisetsu (The seaon of pray)
Funato Akari
$5.03 / 540JPY
A retrospective of our past works before '96, including BEFORE, AFTER, Buzzoo!, and Yurusarezaru Mono.
  • Release: Aug/11/2004
  • Purchased: 1x
LUNAR, etc.
Funato Akari
$7.04 / 756JPY
A reasonable doujinshi pack of 4 stories: Tsuki no Kokuhaku, LUNAR Dash, PAPERMOON, and Vene Hikousen Monogatari.
  • Release: Jul/28/2004
  • Purchased: 12x
Chaos Seed, and more...
Funato Akari
$7.04 / 756JPY
A set of doujinshis: JAMjar, Natou Ohkoku, and Denso Musume.
  • Release: Jul/25/2004
Chaos Seed - Tenshin Ranman 2
Funato Akari
$10.06 / 1,080JPY
Additional item, following to Tenshin Ranman, the guide item of Chaos Seed which is a game software for Super Nintendo and Sega Saturn.
  • Release: Jul/08/2004
LUNAR Oshigoto Sairoku shu (LUNAR - Past Works Collection)
Funato Akari
$9.05 / 972JPY
A great collectable item of Magical School LUNAR. Lots of LUNAR materials are featured: Lunatic Parade, Lunatic Carnival, etc.
  • Release: Jun/18/2004
  • Purchased: 15x
Prince of the Desert of Stars + web
Funato Akari
$6.03 / 648JPY
40 pages doujinshi, compiling rough drawings of Hoshi no Sabaku, commentary, etc. Plus unreleased color illustrations and more.
  • Release: Apr/26/2004