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Violence Club
$9.02 / 972JPY
This fan comic of Ruro* ni Kenshin featuring Kenshin and Kaoru, is healthy and describing authentic love story.
  • Release: Oct/13/2004
  • Purchased: 1x
Ookiku Nattara (When I get older)
Violence Club
$9.02 / 972JPY
The last installment of Akazu**n ChaCha fan comic series, including lots of materials provided by guest artists.
  • Release: Oct/11/2004
Abracadabra Pon! 2
Violence Club
$6.01 / 648JPY
A fan comic of Sailor Pluto, that is Nozomi Ayaka's one of favorite characters. A heartwarming fan comic of Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa.
  • Release: Oct/10/2004
Totteoki no Mahou (The Special Magic)
Violence Club
$6.01 / 648JPY
A fan comic of Akazukin ChaCha, featuring Riya and Sheene. It has an A*R of Yokoshima a little.
  • Release: Oct/09/2004
Iezu no I LOVE YOU (Can't say I LOVE YOU)
Violence Club
$4.01 / 432JPY
A fan comic of Sheene chan from Akazu**n ChaCha. This is a heartwarming teacher-and-student story.
  • Release: Oct/03/2004
Heroine Sengen
Violence Club
$10.02 / 1,080JPY
It is worth to see the chemistry between a little naughty Cloud and a little stupid Princess Silver.
  • Release: Oct/01/2004