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Upload and sell your comics, illustrations, novels, games, music, anything you make!

Digital distribution allows you to sell your works 24/7 and you don't need to worry about printing, shipping or inventory costs.
There are no size limits, and once registered, your works will be available on DLsite semipermanently. Totally free of charge!
We welcome novice artists! We provide general support in English. Start easily!

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1. Easy steps to start selling!
The flow to start selling is very simple! Register both yourself (as a "circle"*) and your works (products) online!
* In Japan, "Circle" refers to either individual creator, or group of creators who produce indie self-published products.

Submit yourself→Submit your works→Examination→Start selling!

2. What makes DLsite so great!

DLsite offers various free service and useful tools to support your activity.
For more details, please refer to the following.

3. Read the DLsite introduction manga!

This manga explains in simple steps how to register your circle and your works as well as benefits of DLsite.

Have a read by downloading the PDF file!

About Pricing

Store Price (The retail price that users pay) = Your Price (The wholesale price that you receive) + Commission Fee

Decide the store price
according to the
following chart!

Store Price Your Price Store Price Your Price Store Price Your Price Store Price Your Price
100 JPY 25 JPY 900 JPY 365 JPY 1700 JPY 945 JPY 2500 JPY 1525 JPY
200 JPY 50 JPY * 1000 JPY * 450 JPY 1800 JPY 1030 JPY 2600 JPY 1560 JPY
300 JPY 80 JPY 1100 JPY 535 JPY 1900 JPY 1115 JPY 2700 JPY 1595 JPY
400 JPY 120 JPY 1200 JPY 620 JPY 2000 JPY 1150 JPY 2800 JPY 1680 JPY
500 JPY 155 JPY 1300 JPY 705 JPY 2100 JPY 1185 JPY 2900 JPY 1765 JPY
600 JPY 210 JPY 1400 JPY 740 JPY 2200 JPY 1270 JPY 3000 JPY 1850 JPY
700 JPY 295 JPY 1500 JPY 775 JPY 2300 JPY 1355 JPY    
800 JPY 330 JPY 1600 JPY 860 JPY 2400 JPY 1440 JPY    
  • * How you decide Your Price is up to you. * is the average price of the products on sale at DLsite.
  • * The sales will be paid in dollars based on the exchange rate at the end of the each month of sales.
  • * 10% Japanese sales tax will be added to Store Price upon purchase.

About DLsite's Distribution Partner

For creators residing outside of Japan, CuriousFactory, Inc is DLsite's partner that handles with works from outside of Japan to offer you better support and settle the payment smoothly.
For more details about your registration and submitting your works, please consult the CuriousFactory's website.
->[ CuriousFactory ]