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  • Doll House Kanegae 2 (English subtitle ver.) [Otusun Club]
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Doll House Kanegae 2 (English subtitle ver.) [Otusun Club]
Release Nov/20/2016
Series Ojisama Cube
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You're a silent doll in his hands.
His housemate, his prisoner, his plaything.
You don't make it easy for him, but drunk on his gaze,
his taunts and shames, you do as told.

He will not unfasten your bonds, in any case.

Having dressed at last in the outfit he chose,
it's time for a nice meal.

He will be your utensil. His lips...
Each sweet bite is passed from his mouth to yours.

* These contents are movies with English subtitle.These are made from Japanese voice contents and a image.

CV: Ouma Hakurou

Track 1 - let's get you dressed shall we
Track 2 - it's mealtime, i shall feed you mouth to mouth
Track 3 - a commemorative photo
Track 4 - this time, try a bit of what i'm having

48 minutes 20 seconds


The English in this product was prepared by the circle.
It may be an originally English work or a translation.

(English subtitle / Voice: Japanese)

This product contains the following titles:
Doll House Kanegae 2(RE184441)

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