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  • Doll House Kanegae 1 (English subtitle ver.) [Otusun Club]
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Doll House Kanegae 1 (English subtitle ver.) [Otusun Club]
Release Aug/31/2016
Series Ojisama Cube
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You wake up in a strange bedroom.
He's tied your hands and feet and muzzled you.
You're a silent doll in his hands.

The pieces come together. His deception at the company.
His feigned loyalty, his manipulation. The lies you believed.

Hes been playing with you for some time.

* These contents are movies with English subtitle.These are made from Japanese voice contents and a image.

CV: Ouma Hakurou

Track 1 - first, i shall explain
Track 2 - your clothes are dirty, let's take them off
Track 3 - i shall wash every part of you
Track 4 - making it so you know who owns you

50 minutes 22 seconds


The English in this product was prepared by the circle.
It may be an originally English work or a translation.

(English subtitle / Voice: Japanese)

This product contains the following titles:
DollHouse Kanegae 1(RE182074)

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3 user reviews

A must buy for yandere lovers~

Aug/31/2016  By Bishie Top Reviewer: Top800 Verified Buyer

I just finished this game and Oh My Word~ It's not for the faint of heart! Sit back and enjoy your eyes bugging out and those 'Oh my' moments. The price is right, though it did leave me wanting to know MORE about what happens in the future. Though it was short, it did leave me thinking really hard on the situation at hand and what i would do if I was in this position. A must buy for yandere lovers~

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A worthwhile venture into sexy audio tracks.

Sep/30/2019  By Weak for Voices Top Reviewer: Top800 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

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Good time with a yandere

Sep/01/2016  By MiNa Verified Buyer

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I just finished listening this drama cd and I must admit I wanted it to be longer (I know I'll listen to it again several times in the future). For me this cd is worth its price. I'm not a huge yandere fan but it was intense and I really enjoyed it. Personally I like track 3 the most :3. Also, I really liked Ouma Hakurou voice and I thought it fitted his character perfectly here. Every yandere fans should give this cd a try!

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