About Payment Methods

【Important Points Regarding Payment/Recommended Payment Methods】
Payment from non-Japanese credit cards may not complete successfully in some cases.
For international users, it may be easier to pay via purchased points. [ Purchase Points ]


All charges on DLsite will be made in Japanese yen (JPY), after which they will be converted to your country's currency, calculated at the exchange rate specified either by your card issuing company.
Prices displayed in other currencies (such as dollars and euros) are estimated values based on the exchange rate on the date of the purchase and are for reference only.

Sales Tax

DLsite is administrated and provided by EISYS Inc. from its office and servers in Japan.
Therefore, the site's services, and its use, are governed by and conform to Japanese law, and all purchases on DLsite are subject to Japanese consumption tax.
This tax is already included in the listed prices in JPY.

About the Purchase of Points

You can buy DLsite points at a rate of 1 point = 1 Japanese Yen (JPY).
You can purchase points via the [ Purchase Points ] link on My Page.
Purchased points can be confirmed via [ Point Status / History ] on My Page.
For more details, please refer to [ About Points ] .

For overseas customers, there are some methods of payment that are only available when purchasing points.
Check the [ Purchase Points ] section on My Page for details.

Payment Methods for Purchases of DLsite Points

About Credit Card Payment

At DLsite, all card payments are processed as credit transactions, and you cannot make debit or POS (point-of-sale) transactions with your card. Therefore, a charge will not be deducted from your bank account until the next payment date, and should thus be pending until that day.
Also, we collect and send the data regarding purchases made by credit cards to the credit card companies on the day following the purchase. Thus, normally, a credit card charge can be confirmed on our customer's end within a couple of days of the transaction.

  • Purchases with check/debit/prepaid cards are not fully supported.
  • If you use your check/debit/prepaid card at DLsite, a small amount of money may be charged to your bank account immediately after the purchase. This comes from the card authorization process incorporated in our payment process. It is not a transaction fee and will be refunded at a later date.

Accepted credit card brands JCB

Credit Card
  • Funds will be debited on the date set by your credit card. Purchases will be made via a single payment (no installments).
  • "DLsite" will be mentioned on your card statement. The details of your purchases (e.g. titles) will not be mentioned.
  • Your credit card information is handled and stored by ECONTEXT, INC. (one of DLsite's payment agencies).
  • Our credit card payment process incorporates the 3-D Secure system to provide a higher level of security.
  • If you get an error message that says "credit card number is incorrect" upon entering correct information, setting 3-D Secure (authorization system) may solve the problem. For more details, please refer to [ About 3-D Secure ] .
    If setting 3-D secure does not solve the problem, your card issuing company/bank may be blocking the purchase on DLsite. In such a case, please contact your card issuing company/bank for more details.
  • Depending on your card/bank, you may be required to pay an international transaction fee.
  • You can edit or delete your registered card information via [ Edit Credit Card Information ] .
  • If you cannot complete payment with your credit card, please try [ Purchase Points ] .

Available E-Money Payment Methods: PayPal、BitCash, PayPay, LINE Pay

PayPal、BitCash, PayPay, LINE Pay
  • To use PayPal or LINE Pay, the total of your purchase must exceed 330 JPY (including tax).
  • You will need a 16 character hiragana ID to make payments by BitCash. As this ID uses Japanese characters you will require a system environment that allows the input or copying & pasting of Japanese language characters.
  • For PayPay, only payment with your PayPay balance is possible.
  • PayPal can only be used for works in the DLsite Comipo section. Furthermore, PayPal cannot be used to purchase certain works that fall under "Adult-only" or "Extreme / Sexual".

Other Payment Options Available in Japan

The following payment options are available for domestic purchases within Japan:
Convenience Store/Online Banking/Delayed Payment, etc.
Details can be found on the Japanese version of the [ About Payment Methods ] page below.

Check Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any assistance regarding your payment, please check [ Help ]