User reviews for "Male Draph No.1 Milking"

Male Draph No.1 Milking
Atama Nurui Mixer
$7.07 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
Gra*blue Fa*tasy's Cielo has a nefarious milking plan in mind!
X-ratedDoujinshiMangaPDFComic Market 91This product contains depictions and / or expressions of homosexuality.
  • Release: Jan/31/2017
  • DL: 16
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Another solid title from Mixer

Feb/09/2017   By potatodesuReviewer Rank: 4

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This book is a fan doujin about Gra*blue Fa*tasy, the popular Japanese mobile game. A number of the characters (including non-humans!) appear in this novel. The storyline is very simple, and unfortunately that means the pages for each character is limited. Each person only has one sex scene, so be prepared if your favourite character isn't given much artist space. The content is passable, if not a little tame. It's mainly entertaining seeing some of the macho characters from GBF being subject to some humiliating sexual situations.

Overall, the title is OK, if you're a fan of Gra*blue Fa*tasy and Mixer's art style.

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