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Vanilla Lynx, Tri Edge 2
$11.11 / 1,188 JPY | 110pt (10% back)
The night that black cat Leofil and shonen cat Nadulis first met.
X-ratedSoftwareDigital ComicJPEGThis product contains depictions and / or expressions of homosexuality.
  • Release: Oct/23/2015
  • DL: 19
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Pickup!Highly recommended if you liked the first one

Oct/26/2015   By KatsuReviewer Rank: 10

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Those looking for a threesome like the first volume will be disappointed. However, the fairly long (about 80% of the volume) sex scenes and nipple (with lactation!) action makes up for it.

The proportion still gets weird and really ridiculous at times like every work of this author. So those expecting some improvement in that area is up for disappointment.

They also introduced a new character but he didn't get to be in any action.

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