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Unidentified Orga(ni)sm
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A beefy young lad on his way home from school finds a peculiar old vessel...
X-ratedDoujinshiMangaJPEGThis product contains depictions and / or expressions of homosexuality.
  • Release: Apr/07/2015
  • DL: 14
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Boy´s desire

Aug/30/2015   By lápizReviewer Rank: 2

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It´s a great story where the reader goes in how the main character found and try new things. In this work the artist explore the tentacles´ theme and he did it very well, especially this doujin doesn't follow the typical story line, is more like a consensual meeting with curiosity and lust from a boy.
The down part is about the penetration scenes don´t show a variety of angles something more erotic, but it doesn't means the work is bad, just this part could be better. I really hope a sequel.

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