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Terra F*rmars 42-year-old (seme) & 51-year-old (seme) x 42-year-old (straight uke) threesome.
X-ratedDoujinshiMangaPDFThis product contains depictions and / or expressions of homosexuality.
  • Release: Jan/23/2015
  • DL: 3


Mar/08/2015   By danjodanReviewer Rank: 10

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I certainly wasn't expecting a seinen manga like Terraformars will inspire yaoi doujinshi. Well, it's good I was wrong!
It's nice to see xenophilia without faceless tentacle monsters, but with attractive older dudes and light-hearted story. Hope this artist will do more xeno stories in the future.

The artwork is really good, high quality for the doujinshi. Rissuinochi must be a professional mangaka or something.

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