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$12.12 / 1,296 JPY | 120pt (10% back)
The full English translation of KAIJYU's 2012 hit furry digital novel, HIMITSURI NO LAGOON.
X-ratedGameDigital NovelEXEInc. MusicProtectedThis product contains depictions and / or expressions of homosexuality.
  • Release: May/10/2014
  • DL: 825
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Pickup!pretty good Visual Noval

Jan/25/2018   By BlacktimesReviewer Rank: 10

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I really like it =)
have good music who fits the vibes.

I like the charakter and the translation is great!
Some minor bugs (like not translated text) but it only hapen like 1-2 times per episode so its ok.

10 bucks are a good price for this game :) worth it

I also like how the charakters are build up. No one is anoying or something like that :) i like them all. and thats not happen often.

so go and grab it ^^

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Pickup!Sexy, Naughty, Definitely Recommended

Mar/10/2015   By KuisbrightReviewer Rank: 10

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I would say this is more of a 3-4 hour long storybook than a game. But I do not think this diminishes the fun.

The story is in the perspective of Kuugo, a Japanese husky(?), giving a descriptive narrative of his adventure in a town he's new to, solving the mystery of 'the poisonous fountain,' and running into mischievous acts. It also has many aspects of Japanese slice-of-life stories. How do you deal with being closeted gay in a conservative town, and surrounded by hot straight guys?

The vivid storytelling more than made up for the pixelated graphics. Although a husky is not my character, it was fun imagining being Kuugo and joining him in his mischiefs with hot straight guys. Also, wouldn't you like to know the story behind that (in)famous screen shot? "Not even in my wildest dreams would I think that I'd get to sniff his crotch."

For ~10 USD, it’s definitely worth buying.

The only one down side of this game is that I want to see more of the stories. There are sequels in Japanese but they were not translated yet.

Also note that although this is an English version, the program will not run properly unless you have the Japanese language pack installed, and your system locale set to ‘Japanese’ before the file was downloaded, extracted and executed.

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Pickup!Great kemono visual novel with a good if linear story

Jul/02/2014   By YiffReviewer Rank: 10

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The game starts off with you arriving in a small village looking to find work and an old friend of yours offers you a place to stay at his home, helps you tour the village and finding a new occupation.

You find work at a restaurant called Lagoon lounge where you meet characters with different dilemmas, form intricate relationships with the characters and find out about a magic water fountain that grants wishes, but at a price.

Overall the writing is pretty good, though there are translation, grammar and spelling mistakes. Don't be put off by this as you'll still easily understand the story and what is being conveyed. However the story is pretty linear so when it comes to multiple choice scenes the options are limited to literally continue the game or skip a characters arc entirely with a fade to black.

Graphics wise the art style is consistent and the character sprites are well designed to match their physical descriptions as well as their personalities. The sex scenes are also very well drawn, composed and fits perfectly with the games already established art style.

To sum it all up, the game has a good but slightly linear story, very nice and well drawn art but in my opinion, lacks choice and interaction and has some uneven language errors.

Regardless, it is still an overall good game and is worth the price tag.

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Pickup!Look no further for an excellent furry slice-of-life novel!

Jun/10/2014   By LeonHartReviewer Rank: 10

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Sousuke, a young, handsome wolf and his twin younger brother Seiya have generously made their guest room available to you while working part-time at the "Lagoon Lounge." The traditional restaurant's owner and chef, a hot-headed but fair tiger named Gou is currently at odds with the conniving Yamato (a cat) who recently opened an upscale bistro just around the corner. The cast is rounded out with fellow co-worker Yujiro and his unrequited love interest, a young woman named Yuri.

The plot revolves around the day-to-day internal operations of the Lounge and its employee's relationships with one another. There is an unchecked fascination with a mysterious, wish-granting fountain in the middle of town which appears to have some connection to the rampant earthquakes which have been occurring sporadically.

With an average reading speed and a good comprehension of the English language, this novel shouldn't last more than two hours. The character sprites, while limited, are very consistent and well done. The full screen drawings are especially great, with the narration being very verbatim when it comes down to describing the action going on in the scene.

As stated above, the length of the novel is very short in retrospect. The branching paths are superfluous as they lead to the same outcome regardless of the player's decision, with the more conservative choices usually just skipping over the sexual cutscenes. Due to the limited interaction, some players may feel removed because the protagonist's personality is set in stone (you are definitely a young, gay male husky from Japan with an implied history). Some of the transitions can be rather jarring (ie. the night-to-day separation is literally, "You fall asleep and wake up the next morning") with no explanation of the events which transpired in between.

For $12 bucks, I can easily recommend this novel to those involved with the furry/kemono subculture or fans of bishonen or bara in general.

4 out of 5 stars. ****

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A must for anyone who loves gay furries.

May/15/2014   By Mei-OokamiReviewer Rank: 10

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Lagoon Lounge was about four hours worth of content that leaned more toward mens' love than boys' love in my opinion as most of the characters have body types and personalities more likely to be found in bara than yaoi.

The story line to this was a very intriguing premise that gets explained as the game progresses. I liked the real world approach to the characters' sexual orientations as most time these games just make everyone gay. They don't make you wait long to get into the real reasons you'd look this game up.

With the "subtle" naughty scene to bring you in wanting more to the final sex scene, I found these to be well placed to add to the story. While most of the choices were just there to omit a scene or not, it was nice that you get the story path you asked for in these choices.

Besides a few errors found where one or two lines were left untranslated into English and the name you put in doesn't always replace the default name in the dialogue. Lagoon Lounge is a must for anyone who loves gay furries or bara adventures in getting laid that have a more defined storyline.

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