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An Average Day with the Sex Twins.
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Twin brothers have sex all day long.
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  • Release: Nov/06/2011
  • DL: 9
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super horny twincest

Jun/14/2012   By shigetaReviewer Rank: 5

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i have seen plenty of incest themed yaois, but this is the first time i found a yaoi twincest where the brothers can't really let go of each other. the blond brother is more dominant though. he's hornier (most definitely) but he can be uke as well. a reversible twincest having sex all day long, whenever they can.. i'll only have a say.. "ureshiiiii..."

there's not much in the story obviously, but it's a very interesting story for some fujoshi like me. after all, where else can you see a reversible twin brothers who'll take turns in doing their siblings till they're satisfied?

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