User reviews for "The Richly Colored Men of Terujirou -Volume 2-"

The Richly Colored Men of Terujirou -Volume 2-
Terujirou / Medirect (Furukawa Shobou)
$3.78 / 432 JPY | 12pt (3% back)
Popular for his characters and the splendor of his art, Terujirou presents muscular boys, boys, boys in peacock glory.
X-ratedArtbookSpecial Viewer
  • Release: Jul/15/2016

Truly erotic illustrations by Terujirou!

Oct/13/2017   By BritishOwlReviewer Rank: 1

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This new set of illustrations by Terujirou continue to amaze with it's high quality images. Once again, men are wonderfully drawn, showing off hot bodies and endless lust. All illustrations depict different situations, from bondage to exhibitionism, fisting, lovemaking and more. So all in all, this collection has an appropriate price given the amount and quality of the content included. Do not miss it!

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